Public Sector’s Highest-Paid Diversity Officer Earns More Than PM

New government transparency data has revealed the highest-paid diversity officer in the public sector is making just as much money as the Prime Minister. Raking in £160,000-£164,000 a year at the taxpayers’ expense, Network Rail’s Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Loraine Martins, is responsible for ensuring the railway is more “open, diverse and inclusive“. In fact if she does a good job, she can actually earn more than the PM, whose salary is capped at £161,866.

When she’s not making sure your commute is open, diverse and inclusive, she’s also found time to like and share tweets accusing the government of corruption and Boris Johnson of ‘white privilege‘.

Some might think that condemning privilege from the vantage of being in the top 1% of earners is risible. In any event, Network Rail’s own code of ethics states employees should “avoid conflicts of interest“, including through “political activities“. Boris was born rich, white and male, that’ll be £164,000 please…”

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