Over a Million Sign-Up to Windsor Protest Against Blair

Blair should feel proud that he more than any other British politician manages to get so many excited and involved in politics. In 2003 a million marched against Iraq, and almost 20 years later one million have once again signalled they’re prepared to protest against Tony Blair. This time over his knighthood…

A Change.Org petition, originally set up to have Blair’s Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, has been renamed as a “Rally against Tony Blair’s Knighthood ‘honour'”. 1,159,529 users are signed up to it. 

“His policies have touched most of our lives in some way and it is almost always negative. 

And now, on 13th June, he will be awarded one of this nation’s highest Honours by Her Majesty the Queen.”

“On Monday, 13th June, a gathering of like-minded people is to be held in Windsor, where Tony Blair and the world’s press can witness precisely what the people of this country think about this award. Where people can stand up and be seen by the world’s press voicing their feelings and sending our message that we do not consent to this ill-deserved award.”

The protest near Windsor Castle is officially organised by Stop the War, who are yet to march on the Russian Embassy. What are the chances the protest also has a significant republican element?

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Kremlin’s Corbynista Useful Idiots

Chris Williamson’s Russia Today interview is being broadcast on the Russian state news agency TASS this evening, complete with Russian subtitles. He argues the UK government is using the Skripal attack to distract from Brexit, which is literally a Kremlin line to take. Meanwhile Corbyn Twitter outrider Aaron Bastani says it could have been done by Israel:

Is it a full moon?

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