Welcome Back Lloyd!

Labour’s eccentric Brighton Kemptown MP is back in the Commons, a week after revealing he tested positive for Coronavirus. Lloyd Russel-Moyle explained how he was ill for five to six days with a “horrible fever”, and then it disappeared. Moyle self-isolated for a further week and a half before becoming the second MP to return to the chamber after recovering from Covid-19. Welcome back!

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Does Lloyd’s Family have a History of Enriching Uranium?

Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s appearance on Politics Live raised eyebrows this afternoon when the Corbynite Labour MP was talking about the Iranian crisis. Not just by parroting Labour’s pro-Iranian attack lines…

Talking about Iran’s reaction, Lloyd came out with the quote “I know very personally because some of my family’s business interests that they have tried to enrich uranium in the past”. We’re going to need you to elaborate on this one, Lloyd…

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Corbynista MP Refers Himself For Deselection

Wacky Labour Corbynista Lloyd Russell-Moyle has today submitted himself to face a vote of confidence amongst his local members. In an email obtained by LabourList, Russell-Moyle wrote to local members saying that as he was imposed on the local party in 2017 by Labour’s NEC, he will only re-stand with the support of the local membership.

“In 2017 in the snap general election I was imposed by the NEC as your candidate in the election with grassroots members not having a say in my selection. I pledged that I would not re-stand unless I had the confidence of the members.

“Using an anonymous third party voting organisation, members will be emailed with a poll asking if they support me staying on as the Labour candidate with the results being given to the CLP executive directly.”

Russel-Moyle, who supports mandatory re-selection of Labour MPs, should be congratulated for standing by his principles. Labour MPs under the ‘trigger ballot system’ will not face an automatic vote of their membership unless more than one third of local party branches or affiliated branches oppose their candidacy. Labour MPs have until July 8 to indicate if they would like to continue their candidacy or not…

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Corbynista MP Invites “Curse the Jews” Movement Spokesman to Parliament

Nutty ginger Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has only been in Parliament two years but he’s got his tribute act to his heroes Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell up and running with impressive speed. His latest stunt is inviting the international spokesman for the Iran-backed Houthi rebel group in Yemen, Ahmed Alshami, to Parliament. Their slogan includes “death to the US, death to Israel, curse the Jews”. He’ll fit right in with the Corbynistas…

Russell-Moyle has already called fellow Labour MP Graham Jones a “tit” and “illegal arms sales apologist” for criticising his decision to invite Alshami. Meanwhile there’s not been a peep from the Labour Party or Corbyn himself so far. Best not to upset his old friends at Press TV after all…

UPDATE: Russell-Moyle has finally backed down. Old Comrade Corbyn would never have caved in so easily…

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Diane Abbott Launched Report by Notorious Conspiracist who Defended Ken Livingstone’s Zionist Hitler Theories

Labour’s Diane Abbott and Lloyd Russell-Moyle were busy on Tuesday night speaking at the launch of a new report from ‘Spinwatch’ in Parliament. Spinwatch is one of the many projects of Bristol University Professor David Miller, a prolific conspiracy theorist who recently condemned Ken Livingstone’s treatment by the Labour Party as “absurd” and a “disgrace”, said there was nothing “historically inaccurate” about Livingstone’s comments about Hitler and Zionism and dismissed the fears of Jewish students on campus as “propaganda”. Miller himself was suspended from the Labour Party over anti-Semitism before being swiftly reinstated

Miller has a range of different Wikipedia-style ‘watch’-sites profiling tens of thousands of people supposedly involved in “corporate capture, political spin and lies”, including Powerbase and the now defunct SpinProfiles. Miller’s websites seem to take a particular interest in the racial origins of people they profile. If they happen to be Jewish

One of Miller’s other sites, Neocon Europe, published extensive writings from notoriously racist academic Kevin MacDonald, presented as an impartial analysis of “Jewish influence”. Spinwatch itself is funded by Islamist-linked organisations including MEND, Interpal and the Cordoba Foundation, which David Cameron described as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. What on earth is the Shadow Home Secretary doing associating with an organisation like this?

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Labour MP’s Shameless LGBT Hypocrisy Over Andrea Leadsom

At PMQs this afternoon, mace-wielding prat Lloyd Russell-Moyle accused Andrea Leadsom of having said that “parents should decide when they are exposed to LGBT education,” whipping out the accusation that this was “Conservative Party dog-whistle politics.” The only problem is that Andrea Leadsom didn’t say that at all…

What Leadsom actually said was that she supports LGBT relationship education:

“It’s absolutely vital that children do grow up understanding the society they live in and they grow up tolerant, seeking equality and respecting differences… I think it is the case that you have to allow parents to choose to withdraw their children up to a certain age, but at the same time in order to have an equal society there comes a point where children do need to understand the social norms around them.”

Curiously, Russell-Moyle hasn’t said anything about the Labour MP Shabana Mahmood who has been directly supporting the parents in Birmingham who are campaigning against LGBT-inclusive education, in effect supporting a new Section 28. Even Owen Jones condemned her, but somehow Russell-Moyle hasn’t said a word on it. Somehow Russell-Moyle forgot to jump on board the outrage bus when its destination wasn’t a partisan attack on a Tory…

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