Jon Ashworth: Labour’s Peterborough MP “Has Made Some Pretty Terrible Mistakes”

Not a ringing endorsement…

Corbyn’s Victory Lap in Peterborough

Jeremy Corbyn has been to Peterborough this morning to congratulate his victorious candidate Lisa Forbes, who he called a “wonderful MP” despite (or maybe not despite) her anti-Semitic social media activity. He went on to “she has our total and full support” which could be interpreted as a response to two Jewish Labour MPs, Margaret Hodge and Louise Ellman, submitting formal complaints against Forbes, and the Jewish Labour Movement calling for the whip to be removed. Corbyn’s taking a firm stand against some of the few remaining Jewish members of his Party…

Labour Win Peterborough By Election

Labour held on, scraping just 683 more votes than the Brexit Party. The Tories outperformed expectations and clung on to over 7,000 of their voters. Rumblings throughout the day that the Labour Party’s ground operation was far more sophisticated than the Brexit Party’s have been borne out, with much of the blame falling on the lack of a solid Brexit Party ‘Get Out The Vote’ operation which Farage candidly admitted was due to a lack of data. Brexit Party campaigners were said to be milling about with leaflets while Labour Party campaigners were knocking up known voters…

Peterborough has swapped a convicted criminal for someone with serious questions to answer over her attitude towards Jewish people. Lovely.

There are some echoes of Eastleigh in 2013; when another by-election was called after an MP was sent to prison in circumstances relating to a driving offence and a bullish insurgent UKIP came second to a deeply unpopular party which would have lost the seat if it weren’t for a divided vote on the right. The message for the Tories is that if they don’t deliver Brexit they will usher in a Corbyn government…

UPDATE: Stewart Jackson, the former Tory MP for Peterborough responds “This is true. No Brexit on October 31st. No Conservative Party.”

Corbyn Speaks Alongside Kill British Troops Advocate at Trump Protest

Anas Altikriti spoke alongside Jeremy Corbyn at the protest in Westminster against Trump’s State Visit was, had previously supported Iraqis using “any means and methods” to expel the UK-US “occupation”. He told Islam Online that “struggle of the Iraqi people, militarily and politically must continue until the occupier leaves and a true patriotic and democratic government is elected.” He later said that “Legitimate resistance against occupation is patriotic.” Emily Thornberry also stood on the same platform the man who called for “any means and methods” to be used against British soldiers…

After speaking at the same event Altikriti, Corbyn is off to campaign this evening for Labour’s Peterborough candidate, who said she “enjoyed reading” comments under a post that claimed ISIS was created by Mossad, and was active in an anti-Israel hate group. Unsurprisingly Jewish groups are not happy. In an unprecedented joint statement they called on the Labour Party to disown Lisa Forbes:

Corbyn prefers to hang around with anti-Semites than go to dinner with the leader of the free world…

Labour’s Apologetic Peterborough Candidate Was Active in Israel Hate Group

Labour’s Peterborough candidate Lisa Forbes was forced to apologise over the weekend for having endorsing a Facebook post saying Theresa May has a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda.” Guido can now reveal that Forbes has quietly deleted Facebook posts that attracted vile anti-Semitism in the thread below, totally ignored by Forbes herself when someone in her network alleged “ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad agent.” Perhaps it’s no wonder that Forbes signed a letter to Labour’s NEC calling on the party to not adopt the IHRC definition of anti-Semitism in full…


Like her party leader she accuses the BBC of being “pro-Israel”, this is now a matter of course for Corbynistas. Guido can also reveal that as recently as just a few months ago Forbes posted in an anti-Semitic hate group that talks of “Zionist rats”. The group itself posts content alleging the Jewish State has “improper influence” and “spends a fortune perverting our democracy”, promotes rallies organised by Hamas and proscribed terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad. A member of the group even questioned why more Palestinians don’t go out to stab Jews. Why is Forbes active in such a deeply questionable group..?

Is this is the new mainstream in the Labour Party..?

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Quote of the Day

The Guardian’s election editorial urges voters to back Labour with the compelling argument:

“The pain and hurt within the Jewish community, and the damage to Labour, are undeniable and shaming. Yet Labour remains indispensable to progressive politics.”


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