Labour’s Diesel Hypocrisy Enough to Make You Fume

Corbyn’s new Shadow Transport Secretary Lilian Greenwood has put out a punchy statement on the VW emissions scandal, blaming the Tories for “dangerously high levels of nitrogen oxide emissions” and insisting: “Poor air quality is a growing problem in our towns and cities but the Government is in chaos on this issue”. What Lilian fails to mention is that someone has already taken full responsibility for the UK’s high levels of nitrogen oxide emissions:

“Hands up, can I say there’s absolutely no question that the decision we took was the wrong decision? … Certainly the impact of that decision has been a massive problem for public health in this country.”

The words of Barry Gardiner, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, speaking earlier this year

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Labour’s Shadow Rail Minister Privatises Christmas

Shadow Transport Secretary Michael Dugher seems to be the last person left in Westminster, press releasing this morning about Tory transport hypocrisy: “Yet again, this Tory-led government has been shown to be all talk and no action.” When it comes to hypocrisy he might want to have a word with his own team though…

Shadow Rail Minister Lilian Greenwood has spent the year banging on about privatisation and slagging off the private rail operators, telling the Commons she wants to renationalise:

“I would accept that we were perhaps too accepting of the overall franchising model…With all the inter-city franchises expiring in the next Parliament, we are right to look again at the best way to structure the railways to deliver real value for passengers and taxpayers. My message to the Government is clear: “Call off the privatisation, get the Department in order, and make sure that essential investments in our inter-city lines are kept on track.”

That didn’t stop Comrade Lilian accepting a nice healthy bung from privatised rail this festive season though. She’s got East Midland Trains to sponsor her Christmas cards:

“All talk and no action…”

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