Liam Byrne Given Two-Day Suspension for Bullying

Labour MP Liam Byrne has been handed a two-day suspension by the Commons’ Independent Expert Panel for bullying a member of his constituency staff:

The sub-panel concluded that Mr Byrne should make a written apology to the complainant and undertake training and other actions to address the causes of his behaviour and the weaknesses in the management of his office. However, this was not sufficient sanction to address the seriousness of this case. They therefore also recommended that he be suspended from the service of the House for two sitting days. Mr Byrne has accepted the sub-panel’s decision.

This is hardly surprising for someone who’s been notoriously difficult to work for ever since he was a minister. Thanfully any further staff can avoid Byrne’s wrath by following the simple instructions below:

Did his member of constituency office staff accidentally bring him a latte?

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Six Times Labour Lawmakers Were Law Breakers

Labour is making hay while the sun is shining over Boris and Rishi’s fixed penalty notice charges, as you would expect. Generally it is a good rule that lawmakers can’t be law breakers, though it is the case that ministers receiving fixed penalty notices is hardly anything new. Guido thought he’d wander down memory lane to help contextualise Labour’s performative outrage…

Starting off most recently, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford called for the PM to resign as “You can’t be a law-maker and a law-breaker.” This seems to be a new position from Drakeford given his own health minister Eluned Morgan received a speeding fine of £800 just last month as well as a six month driving ban. She remains in situ…

Then we get into the weeds of Blair and Brown’s ministers. Most prominently among whom must be Harriet Harman. While serving as a minister and deputy leader of the Labour Party, Harman was charged with not one, not two, but three speeding offences; in 2003, 2007 and 2010, wracking up a whopping £810-worth of fines and nine penalty points on her licence. Harman has accused Boris of not only breaking laws he made, he broke laws in place to keep people safe. Much like speed limits… 

Fixed Penalty Notice queen Harriet Harman then piroutted and defended Baroness Scotland, serving as Gordon Brown’s Attorney General at the time, when she received a £5,000 civil penalty notice for hiring an illegal worker. While this would have been bad enough, Scotland was a Home Office minister who helped introduce the very legislation under which she received the fine. Scotland said the penalty was caused by a technical error and compared it to a parking ticket, saying “it’s not a criminal offence”. Brown said “no further action was necessary”…

Lastly there’s Liam Byrne, who said yesterday “We cant have a rules based order with leaders who break the rules.” In 2007, Byrne was fined £100 after admitting to using his mobile while driving, as well as receiving three points on his licence. The fine was ironic as, at the time, Byrne had been a long-standing road safety campaigner, tabling a petition in 2005 from constituents calling for tougher penalties for dangerous drivers.

He once told a parliamentary committee that the most dangerous drivers were “serial potential killers” and said he was “shocked” at the leniency of sentences handed down to them.

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IPSA Launch Investigation into Liam Byrne’s Expenses

IPSA has opened an investigation into expenses claims by Labour MP Liam Byrne, after Guido revealed Andrew Bridgen had reported him to the body for “gross misuse of parliamentary expenses”. Responding to the news of an investigation, a guarded Bridgen said

“Allegations of the diversion of taxpayer funds for political campaigning are a very serious matter and strikes to the very heart of our democratic system.”


During the West Midlands mayoral race Guido repeatedly questioned Byrne’s use of expenses, raising questions over whether any had been diverted towards his election costs rather than his parliamentary duties. In April Guido brought to light that Bryne’s constituency assistant was describing his primary role on Linkedin as “managing” Liam’s “campaigns”; and his former parliamentary “head of research” professed to having “developed local policy” for his West Midlands mayoral campaign.

Today IPSA announce their compliance officer has opened an investigation “to determine whether Mr Liam Byrne MP has been paid an amount under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses that should not have been allowed.” They specify the investigation will focus on “Staffing and Office Costs in 2019/20″. In April a bitter Byrne denied paying any taxpayer cash toward the running of his campaign. Let’s see what IPSA finds out…

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Andy Street Wins West Midlands Mayoralty

Stay tuned for the numbers…

Street: 54% (+3.6%)

Byrne: 46% (-3.6%)

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Liam Byrne’s Mayoral Campaign HQ Is Taxpayer Funded Constituency Office

Following our story that West Midlands Mayoral candidate Liam Byrne had been reported to IPSA for diverting Parliamentary expenses towards his campaign, a constituent has pointed to another diversion of expenses. As you can see from the sign on Byrne’s Birmingham constituency office, he is using the office – funded on the basis that it is used exclusively for his Parliamentary responsibilities – as his mayoral campaign headquarters. The sign ambiguously reads “Labour Election Headquarters”…

Any use of parliamentary funded premises for Byrne’s mayoral campaign will have to be repaid to IPSA, MPs in similar circumstances have been asked in the past to apportion costs and repay the taxpayer accordingly. Guido will be scrutinising Byrne’s next IPSA return very carefully…

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Byrne’s Bitter Bridgen Bashing Backfires

On the Birmingham Live hustings Liam Byrne’s bitterness towards Andrew Bridgen was not hidden,  accusing Bridgen of putting his London accommodation on expenses – as all MPs, including Liam Byrne himself, do.  More bizarrely Byrne accused Bridgen of having “one of the worst voting records in the House of Commons”…

The publicly available actual figures show that Liam Byrne has a far worse voting record. Bridgen votes just over of 88% of the time. Byrne on the other hand manages to vote a mere 63% of the time

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