Correction & Clarification: Non-Skiving Mail Hack Accuses Other Mail Hack of Making Up Story

On Sunday, Daily Mail¬†journalist Lewis Pennock was out with fellow football fans at Flat Iron Square’s beer garden in London. After celebrating the fact football’s coming home, sources tell Guido he did not turn up for his following shift.* No doubt linked to post-revelling after-effects.

His no-show somehow coincided with the picture desk adorning that Monday’s edition with a large, page 2 photo of his partying:

UPDATE:¬† A friend of Lewis Pennock at the Daily Mail gets in touch with Guido to say, contrary to our original report, Lewis had his time booked off. Which directly contradicts what the other Daily Mail hack who spun us this story said. Either way, a Daily Mail hack has made up a story…

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