Varadkar Says October 31 Brexit Possible

Leo Varadkar says “it is possible for us to come” to a “treaty” agreement “by the end of October.”

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Boris-Varadkar Meeting Being Scheduled For Tomorrow

Ireland announced what is being called a ‘Boris budget’ yesterday, as Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe delivered his budget on the basis of a No Deal Brexit scenario. Donohoe told the Today Programme this morning that the decision to do so was made “a number of weeks ago”, evidently before Boris’ New Deal was proposed. This will not quell noises from London that Brussels and Dublin are not acting in good faith towards UK proposals…

Ireland’s budget used figures showing that under No Deal, Ireland would suffer a drop in growth rate from 5% to less than 1%. As a consequence and in order to build up a Brexit war chest, no changes to personal taxation or increases in social welfare spending were announced.

Despite the No Deal bravado from Dublin, a tentative meeting is being arranged between the Prime Minister and the Taoiseach, likely to be hosted in Liverpool tomorrow. The UK side is not expecting great things from it…

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Varadkar to Throw Holy Water on Boris in New York

Footage has emerged of Irish PM Leo Varadkar joking about throwing Holy Water over Boris Johnson at next week’s UN Climate Change summit in New York. Could there be a more Irish snub?…

Following a blessing of a refurbished runway at Ireland’s West Airport (apparently a completely normal ceremony in Ireland), the priest turned to Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and presented him with another vial of holy water, saying “Taoiseach, I know you’re going to New York next week and meeting Boris Johnson“.

The Irish PM replied, “Do I throw it over him?” to gales of laughter. Seems he got the memo from the Luxembourg PM to give up on diplomacy with the UK…

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Varadkar: “If the UK is Leaving it Should Leave on 31st October”

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar voiced what Brexiteers in the UK have been saying for a while. If the UK doesn’t leave the EU on 31st October, it’s unlikely to leave at all.

“If it comes to a request for an extension, I think the vast majority of countries around the table would prefer that there not be an extension. We would like to see this dealt with. If the UK is leaving it should leave on 31st October.”

Varadkar confirming that extension is extinction. It’s 31st October do or die for Brexit…

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Gove: Sad the EU Won’t Negotiate

Gove has taken to the airwaves to reiterate the Government’s position on Brexit, making clear that the UK is fully ready to negotiate but that the deal has to change, and that it’s “wrong and sad” that the EU won’t come to the table. This is not bluster from Gove – in case the EU have forgotten, the deal comprehensively failed to get through Parliament three times…

Meanwhile underpressure Leo Varadkar has said that “there is always room for talks”, provided the talks aren’t actually about changing anything. Pull the other one, Leo…

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Coveney Casts Doubts on Ireland’s No Deal Plans

The wobbles among the Irish political class over Varadkar’s uncompromising stance on the backstop are continuing to grow. Now former Irish Europe Minister Lucinda Creighton has penned an article defending opposition spokesman Tommy Dooley – who caused a major stir last week after lashing out at Varadkar’s “arrogant” Brexit approach and accusing him of a “failure to engage in basic diplomacy”. Creighton, who was a key figure in the ‘Yes’ campaigns in Ireland’s two Lisbon Treaty referendums, writes:

“The idea that the government’s stance is beyond criticism or scrutiny is quite ridiculous… That an opposition TD was forced to delete a tweet simply because it criticised the Taoiseach and the government’s handling of Brexit and British relations is a cause for concern…

“It is almost impossible to find a dissenting voice which dares to suggest the framing of the backstop in the withdrawal agreement might not in fact be in Ireland’s best interests…

“Such a mass closing of minds to alternative opinion is deeply worrying. I say this as someone who broadly agrees that the backstop is the optimal way to avoid a hard border and protect the Good Friday Agreement. However, to choose to ignore the risks inherent in the EU and Irish position is plainly wrong. We need to face up to them.”

It comes after Patrick Coveney – brother of Tánaiste Simon Coveney and CEO of Irish food giant Greencore – warned that Ireland’s no-deal contingency plans for smooth goods transit across the UK land bridge might not work in practice. Will the younger Coveney heed the warning of his older brother and shift his position on the backstop…?

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