McCluskey’s £70 Million Hotel Loss

In December Len McCluskey was forced to welcome a QC-led inquiry into his Unite hotel pet project, which cost members a whopping £98 million. Only slightly above the £7 million it was supposed to cost…

He may not welcome new figures revealed by The Huffington Post today that two evaluations of the lavish pad have estimated its worth at just £29 million. This figure was actually from a second evaluation, after the first concluded it to be worth a mere £27 million. To put it simply, Len’s lost £70 million…

HuffPo discovered the figures after Sharon Graham – Len’s replacement – revealed them on a call with Unite officials, one of whom expressed the group’s shock at the disastrous evaluation. Back in September McCluskey told Sky News that they were the “only one who’s interested” in the story – Guido has a feeling that evaluation was pretty far off the mark…

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McCluskey Welcomes QC Inquiry into his Members-Funded £98 Million Unite Hotel

Earlier this month Unite announced it is to cut its funding to Labour due to believing money would be better spent on union campaigns. That was what their newly elected leader, Sharon Graham, claimed. Since 2017 Unite membership fees have been plunged into Len McCluskey’s hotel and conference centre vanity project in Birmingham. It was supposed to cost £7 million, however ballooned to an eye-watering £98 million…

Last night Sharon Graham confirmed there would be a transparent, QC-led inquiry into the building of it, which has also had questions surrounding the fact the development’s main construction contract – worth £95 million – was awarded to a mate of Len McCluskey.

Despite Len telling Sky News back in September that “it’s a fantastic investment and [Sky’s] the only one who is interested in that any more”, Graham’s admitted there are questions that “need to be answered in a timely fashion”.

“to ensure transparency the outcome of the inquiry will be made public.

“I will also be doing everything possible to recover all monies due back to the union.”

Last night he tweeted an inquiry was “sensible and will answer any questions”. Unfortunately for any Unite members hoping to hold McCluskey to account, he’s already checked out…

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McCluskey Threatened to Sue Newspapers for Defamation for Reporting Truth of Karie Affair

When the Daily Mail intended to follow up a Guido exclusive that Len McCluskey had shared a hotel room with Karie Murphy (Corbyn’s then-chief of staff), McCluskey’s consigliere and legal chief Howard Beckett immediately muscled in, insisting the story was “untrue, vexatious and malicious” and that “such allegations are open to legal action by the parties concerned”. In no uncertain terms, he threatened to sue any paper that printed the story: 

“Assertions to the contrary are nothing other than malicious in intent against the character of Mr McCluskey (and Ms Murphy). They are defamatory and if printed in the form suggested by your questions then will result in litigation. Additionally, it is our clear assertion that these pictures have been taken covertly by an individual with malicious intent, and the desire to seek to sell these to hostile media. We intend to identify this individual and/or the premises concerned and take appropriate action.

Except the story wasn’t untrue or defamatory: McCluskey and Murphy were in a relationship, and the photos reflected it. Now that McCluskey has a book to sell, he’s admitted to the whole thing, claiming “we wanted our relationship to be kept private, away from the public gaze”, and that they were very much more than just “close friends“. This is why Guido’s publisher is based offshore: it protects us from lying litigants…

See: Len and Seumas in Fyne Company at New Year Bash with Karie Murphy

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Unite’s Len McCluskey Finally Confirms Affair with Karie Murphy

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey has finally admitted to his long-suspected affair with Jeremy Corbyn’s former Chief-of-Staff Karie Murphy in his brand new book Always Red. The close friends had frequently been pictured together and the affair was well known if unacknowledged. Writing about the affair McCluskey explains: “we wanted our relationship to be kept private, away from the public gaze” so played a “a game of cat of mouse” with the press. Notoriously litigious Len aggressively demanded a New Statesman article be amended after the political magazine referred to Karie as his “partner” in 2017. The optics of Len sleeping with Corbyn’s left-hand woman were not great…

Using Unite’s email data McCluskey has been advertising his tell-all dossier to all 4,000 Unite branches, encouraging followers to snatch up a copy of his red book of secrets.

Surely using the membership data for book marketing is a breach of Data Protection Law? 

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McCluskey: “Let’s Get Brexit Done”

General Secretary of the Unite Union, Len McCluskey, tells Times Radio’s the Labour Party should back a post-Brexit trade deal if one is agreed. Speaking to Gloria De Piero and Tom Newton Dunn he said:

In my opinion let’s get Brexit done and out of the way. Of course it won’t stop us being critical if needed. The deal gives us all kinds of issues and problems going forward. My union’s been consistent in wanting to defend jobs, defend investment and try to make certain that we still have an economy that is fit for purpose and can compete against our European competitors.

Everybody wants Brexit done and the quicker we get it out of the way the better. The uncertainty that exists is damaging all of the major companies that I deal with.

Did you ever think you would see the day when Red Len was parroting Tory slogans?

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Will Police Question this Inexperienced Young Interviewer?

Newsnight kicked up a storm last night after Len McCluskey was broadcast in an interview with the BBC’s Lewis Goodall, saying Peter Mandelson – who has Jewish heritage – should go away and “count his gold”. A classic antisemitic trope. This morning McCluskey apologised. In other words…

An impressionable young interviewer publishes a discussion with a well-known controversialist who comes out with a phrase widely understood to be racist and historically used to stir up racial hatred. The young interviewer doesn’t directly challenge him on it. There is an outcry and the controversialist later apologises. How soon can it be before the woke police summon Goodall for questioning? Will Lewis Goodall end up sharing a cell with Darren Grimes?

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