Barry’s On-Air Plea to Len

Barry Gardiner took to Victoria Derbyshire this morning to further shoot down claims that he was in cahoots with Len McCluskey in a leadership bid. Gardiner did, however, confirm he is considering standing with just four days until nominations close. His live-on-air direct pitch to Len is worth watching…

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Len McCluskey Condemns Chief Rabbi, Says Jewish Community is ‘Causing Hurt’

In an extraordinary interview on the World at One, Unite leader Len McCluskey said that the Chief Rabbi’s decision to speak out was “wrong and quite extraordinary.” After hitting out at the Rabbi, McCluskey went on to say:

“The reality is this. Everybody should be concerned and sorry about the type of hurt that has been caused by the Jewish community.”

Perhaps he saw Corbyn refuse to apologise to the Jewish community and thought it must be their fault. Not quite the line…

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McCluskey’s Car Crash Attempt To Bully Media at Labour Conference

Yesterday evening, the Unite General Secretary flat out denied a Jon Lansman quote put to him by Sky’s Beth Rigby.

“Jon Lansman never said that. Stop telling lies. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

But Jon Lansan did say exactly what Rigby quoted.

McCluskey’s actions look like a clear attempt to discredit and gaslight journalists asking legitimate questions. Sadly for Len, this tactic doesn’t work so well when what you say is so easily disprovable, no matter how many times you say it…

The furious heckling of Beth Rigby just doing her job adds to an overtly-anti-media Labour Party conference, with Corbyn yelling at the media and Dawn Buttler lying about the ‘MSM’ not covering certain stories (that they have). And Labour like to claim they’re any different to Donald Trump…

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Unions Now Officially Backing Remain

The trade union leaders have this afternoon finally come to a united position as to what they want Labour’s Brexit policy to be. Key Corbyn ally Len McCluskey appears to have finally dropped his opposition. The Unions will now pressure Labour to officially argue that whatever deal is negotiated in the next few months (or No Deal if talks are abandoned) should go to a second referendum, up against Remain. And they’ve finally admitted they want Labour to campaign for Remain…

But, crucially if there is a General Election, they have decided to back Labour attempting to negotiate a new Brexit deal, which would then go to a second referendum. Having their Brexit cake and eating it…

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McCluskey Would Back Leaving With a Deal Over Remain

Len McCluskey taking the LOTO lines on Marr, he isn’t even unequivocal over whether he’d back Remain over No Deal. Corbyn’s inner circle just want Brexit to go through, without having to take responsibility themselves…

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Red Len: Second Referendum Threatens “Democratic Fabric” of the UK

Len McCluskey has come out with the most robust line yet from someone close to the Labour leader against a second referendum, telling Peston that trying to “deflect away” from the result of the 2016 referendum “would threaten the whole democratic fabric on which we operate”.

Meanwhile John McDonnell was busy doing the opposite and talking up the possibility of a second referendum last night, when he wasn’t attacking Churchill. A deliberate two-pronged strategy from Corbyn’s inner circle or signs of genuine splits emerging?

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