Layla Moran Dating Lib Dems’ Sacked Email Forger

Layla Moran last night announced she is now dating former Lib Dem head of press Rosy Cobb. Guido revealed last month that Cobb was suspended from the party after forging a back-dated email as part of a plot to suppress a story about selling voter data to the Remain campaign.

In an announcement to PinkNews and MailOnline, Moran announced she now identifies as a pansexual which means she now hits on all genders, not just men. This must have come as a bit of a slap in the fact for her ex…

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Labour MP, Spartan, and Remainer walk onto Newsnight… and Agree to Back the Deal

A rare political discussion on Newsnight last night, when a Labour MP – who voted against May’s deal three times; an ERGer – who voted against May’s deal three times; and a remain former-Tory MP who was expelled from the party by Boris; all sat in agreement, in anticipation of backing Boris’s new deal on Saturday. Even Layla Moran conceded Boris had achieved what most thought impossible…

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Lib Dems Refuse to Back Temporary Corbyn Anti-No Deal Government
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Lib Dem Three Point Plan to Cancel Brexit
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Lib Dem Calculations Out By 100,000%

The Liberal Democrats have published a press release claiming that the Government are spending £20,000 per business to promote UK business exports. They were so proud of their number that they used it twice…

How did they calculate it? £2.6 million was spent on DIT’s ‘Exporting is GREAT’ campaign, which encouraged 130,000 businesses to take steps towards exporting. But 2,600,000 divided by 130,000 is just 20, not 20,000…

This calculation made its way through Layla Moran, the Lib Dem economic spokesperson, and her office, Lib Dem HQ, Lib Dem press office, and their social media team without any of them spotting the glaringly obvious error. Looks like a lot of Lib Dems have been using Diane Abbott’s abacus…

H/t Oliver Cooper
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