Pidcock Fined Thousands for Breaking Rules to Sway Election Result

Laura Pidcock has been ordered to return nearly £4,000 to the British taxpayer after being found guilty of abusing parliamentary expenses for party political ends just weeks before the 2019 General Election. Not even cheating could save her rock-solid safe Labour seat…

An investigation by Parliament’s Commissioner for Standards has found Pidcock sent thousands of elderly – Conservative-minded – constituents letters around changes to rules for over 75’s TV licenses, however “alterations made by Ms Pidcock to a letter template, provided by the Parliamentary Research Service (PRS), resulted in her mailing becoming party-political in tone and content, and no longer neutral or objective.” The investigation was still ongoing while she was running Richard Burgon’s doomed deputy leadership bid…

The investigation was sparked after a number of Pidcock’s former constituents received the election literature – disguised as official MP communication – and approached the Parliamentary Standard’s office to complain. Constituents stated her misuse of taxpayer resources brought Parliament into “disrepute” and the letters sent out by Pidcock had “an intent to confer an undue political advantage on herself and the Labour Party”…

The Commissioner claims Pidcock has accepted and apologised for her breach of the rules, and promised to pay back £3,835.32. Not the best start to her attempt to win back North West Durham voters for her MP rerun attempt in 2024

Read the Commissioner’s report in full below:

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Pidcock’s Roadmap to Commons Return

Despite an unexpected trouncing at the general election, Guido hears Laura Pidcock hasn’t given up on her electoral dreams. Word on the ground back up in Durham is Laura is preparing to contest the safe Labour council ward of Lanchester next year following the expected retirement of Councillor Ossie Johnson, which she can then use as a springboard to fighting North West Durham again in 2024. It does rely on Laura managing to actually win a safe Labour seat this time though…

In 2017 Laura bought a £250,000 house in Lanchester (the most desirable part of the North West Durham constituency, favoured by high-level local council bureaucrats and university lecturers, after complaining she couldn’t get a council house, and claiming she was unable to afford her own place on her meagre £80,000 MP salary. Her long march back to Westminster begins in Lanchester…

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Laura Pidcock’s Unsound Investment

Guido is told that when staffers were clearing out Laura Pidcock’s old office after the 2019 election, they found boxes of red T-shirts adorned with one slogan – “Pidcock For Deputy”*. Alas, thanks to Tory Ric Holden taking her Durham seat, we were blessed with #Richard4Deputy instead…

*Our artist’s own interpretation.

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Labour Confirms Commitment to Open Borders

A massive U-turn from their 2017 manifesto…

Strangely it didn’t look like Laura Pidcock get the message, refusing seven times to say whether Labour would continue free movement. What could it be about her overwhelmingly Leave voting constituency that made her unable to answer..?

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Pidcock Refuses Five Times to Say What Labour’s Immigration Policy Is

After the Labour Party conference – something Corbyn views as the sovereign decision-making body of the party – voted for a ‘defend and extend free movement’ immigration policy, the BBC’s Today Programme was understandably inquisitive as to what this would mean for Labour’s immigration plans. Laura Pidcock failed to answer the question five consecutive times…

Guido has compiled a handy reminder for Labour Shadow Cabinet members of what conference committed party policy to do:

  • Oppose the current immigration legislation and any curbing of rights
  • Campaign for free movement, equality and rights for migrants
  • Reject any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number caps/targets
  • Close all detention centres
  • Ensure unconditional right to family reunion
  • Maintain and extend free movement rights
  • End “no recourse to public funds” policies
  • Scrap all Hostile Environment measures… and restrictions on migrants’ NHS access
  • Extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents regardless of nationality

Hopefully this will help Pidcock or any other Labour figure answer the question next time…

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Williamson Anticipates Readmission into Labour

Speaking to Chris Williamson in Brighton, Guido has learnt his court case against his former party will be ruled on this week, in which he anticipates a victorious result. He said he would then expect readmission into the Labour Party days after…

The MP’s case – whose ruling will undoubtedly be overshadowed by the Supreme Court’s ruling on Boris’s prorogation this Monday – was launched against the Labour Party in August, following his second suspension for comments about Labour’s antisemitism crisis in June 2019. Guido is looking forward to him speaking alongside fellow expellee Jackie Walker this evening

The news comes alongside a fractious day at Labour conference, following multiple attacks of the Labour Against the Witchhunt stall, a knife attack of the LAW poster and a retaliatory punching of one of their opponents. Williamson’s readmission is hardly likely to cool down tensions…

UPDATE: Looks like some top Corbynista’s aren’t waiting for Williamson’s readmission before getting friendly. Laura Pidcock has just been spotted having a catch up…

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