Jolyon’s Chief-of-Staff is Former Momentum Leader

Jolyon has hired a new Chief of Staff for the Good Law Project: former National Coordinator of Momentum – yes, that Momentum – Laura Parker. The same Laura Parker who stood side by side with Corbyn right up to Labour’s car crash defeat in 2019…

While she may have quit Momentum, she still has plenty to say in favour of the Labour Party, claiming it “can and must win the next election” and attacking “the right wing bias” of first-past-the-post. As if the Good Law Project needed yet another signal it’s just a front for anti-Tory activists… 

Just this morning, Jolyon announced he’s demanding Ofgem “carries out and publishes a full equality impact assessment” before lifting the energy price cap this autumn, on the grounds that it might breach the European Convention on Human Rights and the Equality Act 2010. If Guido understands their argument right, price rises discriminate aginst the poor and is therefore a breach of their human rights. Bonkers. With Parker’s expertise in winning from her Momentum days, maybe now the Good Law Project’s fortunes will finally change. Maybe.

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Continuity Corbyn Keir

Former Momentum boss Laura Parker’s endorsement of Keir Starmer last night perhaps shouldn’t have come as a big surprise. The more Guido looks, the more comrade Sir Keir QC seems more and more like Jeremy Corbyn in a proper suit and a done-up tie…

Sir Keir QC has:

  • Signed up to every single pledge from a nationalisation campaign.
    • Ending NHS and council outsourcing, ending free schools and academies, and forcing government takeover of water, energy, mail, buses, train companies, prisons, and broadband.
  • Committed to introducing a ‘Prevention of Military Intervention Act’ designed to prevent “illegal wars”.
    • Given that the phrase “illegal war” refers to intervention without UN sanction, this could end up handing Russia and China a veto over UK foreign policy.
  • Was the only candidate to not identify as a Zionist at a Jewish Labour hustings.
  • Edited a paper called ‘Socialist Alternatives’ in his 20s, in which he questioned the need for police and argued for prisoners to be given the vote. It was described by (enthusiastic Keir supporter) Paul Mason as a Trotskyist front.
  • Went to a private school and tried to cover up his middle-class upbringing
  • Is a white man representing a central London constituency.

Guido is surprised more of the Corbyn outriders haven’t jumped on the Sir Keir QC train…

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Momentum’s National Leader Quits

Laura Parker has quit as Momentum’s national coordinator. In an email to supporters last night she said “I’m leaving the Momentum staff team, I’m not leaving the movement.” Guido suspects she will be happy to avoid the post-election post-mortem. Guido is also willing to bet Momentum will be fined again by the Electoral Commission for their brazen flouting of the electoral spending laws.

Going through the archives Guido noticed the above clip. Lansman at least kept this promise…

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Momentum Chief Doesn’t Trust Jon Ashworth

Speaking to Politico about how Corbyn’s team are using the same sophisticated election tactics as Bernie Sanders in the US, Momentum National Coordinator Laura Parker attacked Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth as ‘untrustworthy’.

Parker, talking about trust in politics, singled out Labour’s main man on health as someone who voters would “definitely” not have much faith in:

“”You trust your next-door neighbor talking about their hip replacement more than you’d trust me if I was on the telly talking about health spending — and definitely more than you’d trust [Shadow Health Secretary] Jonathan Ashworth,” Parker said.”

Is this an implicit admission that Labour’s bogus NHS claims aren’t being believed..?

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