Kwazi Kwarteng: We Can’t Have Politicians Going Round Promising the Earth

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SpAd List: Kwarteng Gets First SpAd

Following the resignation of Jo Johnson, his former SpAd Iain Mansfield has now joined BEIS as Kwasi Kwarteng’s first SpAd. A convenient transfer…

Guido also learns that Simon Jones has left Downing Street’s Business Relations Department after 4 years of SpAd-ing, writing on his Facebook that he has “decided to take some [time] out to plan new adventures”. No news as to where he has gone…

See the full list here:

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New Ministerial Appointments In Full

Following the appointment of potentially troublesome Amber Rudd as DWP Secretary, Remainer rebel Stephen Hammond has replaced new Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay as Health Minister.

John Penrose who backed Remain but has become an ERG stalwart since the refendum has been appointed as Minister of State for the Northern Ireland Office. Leave-voting Kwasi Kwarteng has been appointed as new junior Brexit minister after serving for 18 months as Philip Hammond’s PPS. The Cabinet’s balance has shifted further in favour of remain, and some potentially troublesome backbenchers have been bought off…

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Osborne’s Kwasi NHS Spending Pledge

Kwasi Kwarteng isn’t backing down from his comments splashed in the Indy that NHS spending will have to be cut to clear the deficit:

“My general point was that if you’re going to have a serious debate about deficit reduction, everything has to be on the table. Now I’m not saying we’re going to cut the NHS, what I am saying is that there’s a serious deficit problem and you have to start thinking quite radical things if you are serious about dealing with the deficit. The alternative is to keep borrowing money indefinitely.”

Osborne has just announced £3 billion worth of extra cash for the NHS…

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