Maguire on Unilever: Before & After



No word yet as to if they are changing their name to UniRemainer…

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Lefties Disappointed as England Win

As readers nurse their hangovers this morning – yes, that really did happen – spare a thought for the lefties of Twitter who were supporting Colombia. Top Corbynista Ellie Mae O’Hagan, who to be fair is Welsh, was not a fan of yesterday’s Sun front page and accordingly called for England to be “thrashed”:

Kevin Maguire sent this premature tweet when it looked like it might not be coming home:

Guardian writer and fellow Welshwoman Dawn Foster, who is supporting England’s quarter final opponents Sweden, spent the evening at a Sinn Fein event and gave her backing to the Colombian fans:

Meanwhile the New Statesman published a piece by Rachel Cockerell, who “spent three months in Colombia last year”, headlined: “I hope England lose tonight”.

Sorry Ellie Mae, Dawn, Kev, Rachel, your boys took one hell of a beating…

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Kev Fancies Theresa

Responding to Emma Dent Coad’s latest comments, Kevin Maguire tells Good Morning Britain he thinks Theresa May is “quite attractive for her age”. Your age, Kev…

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Andrew Pierce on Kevin Spacey at Hampstead Heath

The other Kev deadpans “Looking for rare Orchids?”

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Pierce on Spacey

Andrew Pierce tells Anna Botting “I saw Kevin Spacey on Hampstead Heath”

Kevin Magure dead pans “Looking for rare Orchids?”

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Kevin on Corbynmania II

Kevin Maguire says cancel Jez’s victory party

“Theresa May and the Conservatives will win the general election. There, I’ve said it. I hate to be a wet blanket on a sunny June day. I know Corbynmania is exciting a lot of decent people. And I’m sorry to put a dampener on anyone who believes the most astonishing triumph in recent British political history is in reach and they need to plan victory parties.

But it’s time for a rude reality check.

I just don’t think Prime Minister Jeremy is going to happen.”

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