Luke Evans Delivers First AI-Generated Speech in Commons

Luke Evans has become the first MP to deliver a Commons speech written entirely by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Speaking just before the House adjourned for Christmas, the Tory MP read the 324-word speech churned out by a new AI programme called ChatGPT, which has already gone viral for its ability to do your job for you. His only instruction was to “write a Churchillian speech on the state of the United Kingdom over the past 12 months”…

The result:

“Ladies and gentlemen,

Over the past 12 months, the United Kingdom has faced many challenges and has made many important decisions. In the face of these challenges, the country has remained steadfast in its commitment to its values and principles. One of the key achievements of the UK over the past year has been its success in managing the economy. Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has worked tirelessly to support businesses and protect jobs. This has included implementing a range of measures such as the furlough scheme, which has helped to keep millions of people in work.

The UK has also been successful in implementing its ambitious plan for Brexit. After years of negotiations, the country has finally left the European Union and has begun to forge a new path as an independent, global trading nation. This has not been without its challenges, but the UK has shown determination and resolve in securing a good deal for the country. In addition to these economic achievements, the UK has also made significant progress on a range of other issues. For example, the government has continued to invest in the NHS, providing it with the resources it needs to deliver high-quality care to patients. The country has also been committed to law and order, with a focus on ensuring that the justice system is fair and effective.

Of course, no country is perfect and there are always areas where improvements can be made. However, I believe that the UK has shown itself to be capable and resilient, and has demonstrated its commitment to its values and principles. As Winston Churchill once said, ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’ I believe that the UK has shown that courage over the past 12 months, and I have every confidence that it will continue to do so in the months and years ahead.”

Guido’s definitely heard worse. Labour MP Kevin Brennan later joked “let’s make sure we don’t allow ourselves to all become slaves to the algorithm.” It won’t be long before that algorithm can do the job better than most of the people sat on those green benches…

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Former Labour Minister Kevin Brennan Releases Solo Music Album

Former Labour minister Kevin Brennan, who was an instrumental player during the Blair era, has become the first sitting MP to release a solo music album after publishing his 13-song strong folk album The Clown and the Cigarette. Burgeoning musician Kevin Brennan released his first 6-minute song Ballad of I-40 West in 2016; alas, it failed to strike a chord with listeners…

His latest songs featuring Glen Matlock, ex-bassist for the Sex Pistols, were released in October and so far have had minimal pickup. Perhaps SW1 hacks could show Kevin some support and listen to the album here

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Glasto Cancellation Means No More Freebies for MPs from Millionaire Musicians

Readers may remember how Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan failed to declare financial interests in the DCMS Committee’s streaming inquiry. Guido can reveal that wasn’t the only time he has been cosy with his questioning. Brennan had also been questioning musicians in the DCMS Committee inquiry – one of whom was involved in getting him a coveted Glastonbury ticket. Indie rock band Gomez’s Tom Gray sat on the Board of PRS for Music, which gave Glastonbury tickets to Brennan in 2019, before taking softball questions from him in the streaming inquiry. The cosy questioning session just before Christmas heard exclusively Labour Party and Corbyn backing UK musicians give evidence about how the streaming economy harms them…

  • Gomez’s Tom Gray moaned that the Tories ‘have always been racists’, promoted electoral fraud conspiracies, and called the Prime Minister a ‘bowl of sh*t’.
  • Elbow’s Guy Garvey hosts a regular BBC radio show while saying Brexit is ‘a f*cking disaster’, calling the Prime Minister a ‘f*cking evil bastard’ and bragging about voting Labour in 2017 and 2019.
  • Singer Nadine Shah signed an open letter to the Guardian calling for people to vote for Jeremy Corbyn who she’s called ‘one of the most decent people I’ve ever met’. She also performed at Stop the War events, and was pictured cozying up to Labour MPs including the DCMS Committee’s Kevin Brennan.
  • Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien – worth an estimated $25 million – led Glastonbury crowds in chanting ‘oh Jeremy Corbyn’.

Nominally left-wing, multi-millionaire musicians want music lovers to pay them higher royalty rates for streaming their music, much higher than they get from radio broadcasters. Brennan will be annoyed that despite sucking up to the millionaire musicians, this year he won’t get another Glasto ticket – it’s just been cancelled for the second year in a row…

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MP Fails To Declare Financial Lobbying Interest in Streaming Inquiry

Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan has been a keen member of the DCMS committee, especially with regard to lobbying for more government intervention with regard to music streaming. Brennan was praised by the Musicians’ Union for “excellent interventions” and being “extremely strong on the MU’s three main asks”. What the Committee wasn’t told is that the union praising him for delivering their lines had paid him £4,000 in 2019…

The only payments Brennan declared at the start of the Committee hearing were occasional payments for working as a musician, which are declared in the Register of Members’ Interests”. Brennan, who has declared he is a member of the Musicians’ Union, has failed to declare his substantial and recent donation in any hearings so far, despite pushing the union’s line as part of a co-ordinated campaign. The Musicians’ Union even acknowledged having briefed Brennan for the debate.

While Brennan has declared the donation in his register of interests, MPs are required to also declare relevant interests at hearings where it’s on a related topic. Brennan, who has been an MP for twenty years, will have known the rules. Not least because fellow Labour MP Stephen Doughty, who was also praised by the Union, followed the rules and declared his Musicians’ Union donations…

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