Livingstone Fails In High Court Challenge to EHRC

Disgraced local politician Ken Livingstone and ex-councillor Pam Bromley have withdrawn their High Court challenge to the EHRC’s landmark 2020 Labour antisemitism report. The doors of the last chance saloon have firmly closed for Livingstone…

It is worth remembering some of its findings, such as:

  • The Labour Party, through its agents, committed harassment against its members in relation to Jewish ethnicity in the case of two individuals, Ken Livingstone and Pam Bromley.
  • Labour “at best did not do enough to prevent anti-Semitism and, at worst, could be seen to accept it.
  • The Leader of the Opposition’s Office interfered in the decision to investigate a second complaint against Ken Livingstone.

Communist crackpot and former Labour MP Chris Williamson helped set up a “left fighting fund” to challenge the technical procedures of the EHRC and therefore undermine it. After the Campaign Against Antisemitism intervened in the High Court with the support of the EHRC that claim has been withdrawn. Everyone paid their own legal costs. Which crank will they fund now?

No amendments will be made to the report of course. The CAA had intervener status in the case and celebrates that the “EHRC report is now unimpeachable and every finding in it stands, final and binding, including those about Mr Livingstone’s and Ms Bromley’s conduct.” Damned.

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Greens Swerve Livingstone’s Membership Application

Today’s Guardian carries an eyebrow-raising report that Ken Livingston plans on applying to join the Green Party. Livingstone has been unaffiliated from any party after resigning his Labour membership in 2018 in the wake of his Hitler Zionism scandal. Despite the major controversy that would follow an admission into the party, the Greens’ press office were willing to only offer the following comment:

“We welcome everybody who shares our political aims and values to join the Green party.”

When pressed by Guido whether his comments on Hitler and Zionism align with the party’s values, he was merely told cases like Livingstone’s would have to go through a consultation process…

Livingstone now tells the party, “have me in!”, something Green peer Jenny Jones would be happy with, claiming that as his deputy mayor in City Hall she never saw any evidence of antisemitism. Livingston points out his record in City Hall is entirely congruent with Green Party values, not least introducing the congestion charge. I’ll tell you who else liked curbing air pollution

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MP Compares Scrutiny over Historic Defence of Ken Livingstone to Murder of George Floyd

Former Ken Livingstone adviser Claudia Webbe MP has launched an extraordinary attack on those pointing out she wrote a letter in support of Livingstone, comparing them to the policeman who knelt on the neck of George Floyd. Twitter users pointing out the MP’s differing responses to alleged anti-black vs anti-Jewish racism were accused of “racist victimisation”…

In a remarkable Twitter exchange, those who shared an article by the Campaign Against Antisemitism on Webbe’s historic defence of Livingstone were themselves deemed “racist” by the hard-left MP. When reminded of her historic defence of Livingstone, Webbe stated

“Dear racist, I have a name – I am not an object you can so easily dismiss. I am Black, female and proud. I do not tolerate Antisemitism or racism of any kind…”

Webbe went on to claim that bringing up her past defence of Livingstone wasn’t scrutiny, likening those doing it to the killing of George Floyd by a US policeman, quoting his final words:

What scrutiny? This has been ongoing for many years now – get your knee off my neck”

She’s been comprehensively condemned from all sides of the political spectrum…

Claudia later commented, “To think this all started because I had the courage to call out the victimisation & pile-on I was experiencing simply for daring to call out the potential for institutional racism on the part of the Tory government; shame on you all; that’s why we say get your knee off our necks”. Doubling down…

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Ken Livingstone’s Still Denying Labour Anitsemitism

This is precisely who Corbyn will have wanted to be doing his eulogy media rounds…

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Ken Livingstone Sticks His Foot In It

Ken Livingstone has been filmed sticking his foot in a tube door, attempting to get in the carriage despite closing doors. He consequently got stuck and held up the entire train…

One Twitter user who was at the scene commented on the situation saying:

“Ken Livingstone decided to hold up our train because he purposely stuck his foot in when the door was blatantly closing. Now I’m going to be late for work”

“He absolutely should know better there was a train literally behind waiting at a halt because of his fuckry.”

You know who got the trains to run on time?

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Labour’s Anti-Semitic Conference Line-Up

A party’s conference is their opportunity to allow members to debate policy, market their party to donors, and show the public the best of what their party has to offer. The Labour party are ensuring they tick this last box this year with a number of very questionable fringe events this year, featuring Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson.

Labour conference-goers can also look forward to a “Labour Against the Witchhunt” meeting with Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker. The problem for Labour is surely within their party these views are no longer fringe…

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