Kemi Calls in Intellectual Support to Resist Woke Policy Skew in Government

As the two-year anniversary of the Sewell Report approaches, and with Nicola Sturgeon’s Gender Recognition Bill threatening women-only spaces across the UK, Guido is happy to report that Kemi Badenoch has beefed up her team in the Equalities Unit by appointing Nikki Da Costa and Mercy Muroki as Policy Fellows. Two warriors in the culture war on the side of the angels.

Nikki has served as the Director of Legislative Affairs for two PMs, has huge experience navigating parliament, and speaks a whole lot of sense on women’s issues. Mercy has a Masters from Oxford on Social Policy and was one of the Commissioners on Tony Sewell’s mould-breaking Race and Ethnic Disparities Commission, who – to the disgust of much of the Labour Party and the woke left – found that Britain was “not an institutionally racist country”.

With nearly every charity, chattering class pundit and academic ready to slaughter anyone with a dissident view on women and equalities issue regardless of what they say, this Government can use all the outside expertise it can get…

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Read in Full: Kemi Accepts Katharine Birbalsingh’s Resignation

As per this morning’s breaking news, the exchange of letters has taken place between Katharine Birbalsingh and Kemi Badenoch. In reply to Birbalsingh’s letter setting out her reasons for leaving, Kemi thanks her for using her tenure to outlinea fresh approach to social mobility, moving away from the notion that social mobility should just be about the “long” upward mobility from the bottom to the top.” Badenoch goes on to thank her for giving the “organisation a strong sense of direction and purpose”…

Absolutely tragic that Birbalsingh has been traduced and ousted at the hands of the chattering classes. We need more of her ilk not fewer.
Read the exchange of letters in full below:

Read More

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Westminster Government Could Block Scottish Trans Bill

Rishi’s Westminster government could try and block Scotland’s incredibly controversial gender recognition bill, which was passed by a majority of votes in Holyrood. At present the bill would remove the need for Scottish people – including 16 and 17-year-olds – to obtain a gender recognition certificate without the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Women’s rights campaign groups have been up in arms over the threat to single sex spaces…

Following the passing of the bill, however, the Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has warned it may not progress to royal assent, and that the government could block it. He said:

“We will look closely at that, and also the ramifications for the 2010 Equality Act and other UK wide legislation, in the coming weeks – up to and including a Section 35 order stopping the Bill going for Royal Assent if necessary.”

A source close to Kemi Badenoch – the Equalities secretary who has been incredibly scathing of the legislation – also tells Guido:

“Kemi’s overriding concern is the safety of women and girls. The SNP have pushed this Bill through without any thought to its wider implications.”

Brace for SNP chuntering about ‘constitutional crisis and outrage’…

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BBC Forced into Humiliating Edit of Kemi Hatchet Job

The BBC has been forced to pull a profile on Kemi Badenoch, which had been criticised as “disappointingly inaccurate” by a women’s rights group. The Mail initially reported on the corporation’s forced withdrawal, with a source quoted as calling the piece a “botched hit job”.

It’s since been re-uploaded to BBC Sounds with a disclaimer saying “This programme has been edited since broadcast.”

Despite the editing, the profile still reeks of W1A’s woke inclinations. It repeats debunked claims about Kemi removing gender-neutral toilets at her campaign launch, albeit with a caveat. Contributions from discredited journalist Ben Hunte are also retained. The BBC even allows him to make the unchallenged claim that Kemi doesn’t believe in “all forms of equality” within her portfolio. It’s almost like they have an agenda…

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Kemi Sparks Fight with PinkNews on First Day of Equalities Brief

Kemi Badenoch has done a marvellous job of winding up all the right people in her new job as Minister for Equalities. She was asked in the Commons for her thoughts on the tweet that PinkNews’ Ben Cohen had posted yesterday, including the allegation she was the appointment “many LGBTQ+ campaigners feared.” He also shared a PinkNews article claiming she is “anti-Trans”.

Kemi told the House:

“I’m afraid that this particular individual is someone who uses Twitter as a tool for defamation; he has even sued people in this house like the hon. Member for Edinburgh West – or he’s been sued by, pardon me, the hon. Member for Edinburgh West. What I would like to say, Mr Speaker, as we do begin a new era of equalities is that the equality act is a shield not a sword. It is there to protect people of all characteristics whether they’re young or old, male or female, black or white, gay or straight, we are running a compasionate equalities strategy and we should not be distracted by people who use Twitter as a way to insult or accuse Members of Parliament.”

Following PMQs, Cohen published a statement on Kemi’s declaration, branding it “misinformation”, and demanding an apology and a correction of the record.

Guido advises Cohen not to hold his breath; he sent the statement to a source close to Kemi who replied:

“Already all the right people are incensed with Kemi being in post.”


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New Prime Minister: Runners & Riders

After a premiership even shorter than the leadership contest that put her there, Liz has resigned. Thankfully, the search for her replacement will take a week, rather than two months. Here are the runners and riders…

Rishi Sunak – Polls suggest the membership have buyer’s remorse and might well back him this time. A Team Rishi source tells Guido “he has no choice” but to stand. Wouldn’t go down well with the right of the parliamentary party though…

Penny Mordaunt – Narrowly missed out on the membership stage of the contest last time. Clearly didn’t even bother furloughing her campaign after Liz won. Senior cabinet members told Guido during conference – remember that? – they were furious at how overtly she was on leadership manoeuvres. Would be a shock if she didn’t stand…

Ben Wallace – Consistently tops Tory membership polls. Some already branding him the ‘unity’ candidate. Ruled himself out last time after “discussing with colleagues and family”. Doesn’t look like he necessarily has the same concerns this time…

James Cleverly – A very charismatic guy, at the top of politics for years. Very loyal to both Boris and Liz, while managing to keep his hands clean of the economic mess of the past two months. Potential to suck up the Boris diaspora. Didn’t run last time due to his wife’s ongoing battle with cancer.

Suella Braverman – A source from her last campaign tells Guido they’re not yet sure if she’ll stand. Although it wasn’t a no…

Kemi Badenoch – Still has huge grassroots support; the question is whether big beasts like Gove would fall in behind her again. In the circumstances the party will want a more experienced hand.

Boris is currently on holiday on the other side of the world – although why would he want the job right now? Michael Gove has already ruled out standing. Guido was first to reveal Jeremy Hunt is not standing, and can rule out Tom Tugendhat.

Only a week to go…

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