SNP Deputy Claims “Future of Our Planet” Rests on Scottish Independence

The SNP have adopted a new tactic in their campaign for Scottish independence: claiming it might well save the world. Speaking this afternoon at the party’s digital conference, SNP depute leader Keith Brown said:

“We need independence to invest in our bountiful renewable energy resources, which are the envy of Europe. The future of our planet depends on it – and it’s too important to be left to the Tories. Never forget what Westminster control means for Scotland. Westminster control means the North east of Scotland is overlooked for investment in crucial carbon capture projects.”

Brown added that the party’s “optimism and ambition” would bring independence over the line, and that Nicola Sturgeon’s “exemplary leadership” was a preview of what an independent Scotland would look like. Just ignore the rats

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Leaked Internal Report Reveals SNP “Overwhelmed” by Member Complaints

A bombshell internal report written by SNP Deputy Leader Keith Brown has revealed the dire state of the party’s internal affairs: not only does the report suggest creating a new financial scrutiny committee to “restore confidence” in the SNP’s financial governance, it also shows that party has been “overwhelmed” by the volume of member complaints over harassment and impropriety since 2014. Presumably keeping their new ‘complaints adviser’ busy, then… 

The report goes into great detail to explain how “recent controversies concerning the party’s finances” (in other words, how a £600,000 referendum war chest seemingly vanished into thin air) have “inevitably raise[d] questions about the SNP’s financial governance”, and recommends creating a more formal financial governance structure that “encourages good financial practices, [and] has the potential to pick up any irregularities”. Which is useful, because the party’s auditors have already washed their hands of that responsibility.

It also says that the party’s “current complaints-handling procedures have themselves resulted in a real dissatisfaction [and] lack of trust” amongst the membership, and that the Governance Review Group often failed to act on incidences of abuse despite repeated warnings from within the party. Considering 1 in 5 SNP MPs has either recently quit, or been sacked, investigated or suspended, perhaps the Governance Review Group has just had its hands full…

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