Oh Kay: Burley Empty Chairs Cleverly When He Wasn’t Booked For Her Show

Kay Burley ’empty chaired’ James Cleverly this morning and the video is doing the rounds on social media, with almost 200,000 views it has been – shared by left-wing figures and Labour activists like Owen Jones. The only problem is Cleverly wasn’t booked to come on her show…

Cleverly had been scheduled to appear on TalkRADIO this morning but as he arrived at the Millbank studio booked for his Julia Hartley-Brewer interview, Kay Burley burst in. Guido understands Kay harangued Cleverly for not coming on her show at 8:30, but this was a last-minute booking and got squeezed because GMB overran this morning. He had been scheduled to appear on TalkRADIO at 8:40…

Millbank sources tell Guido that the studios descended into an unedifying shouting match. Guido understands even radio producers could hear Kay’s shouting over the microphone in James’ studio….

Politico‘s media round listing clearly shows that the Tory chairman wasn’t booked to appear on Sky today.

Listen to James’ baffled response here…

Pulling a stunt like this during purdah is a brave move for Sky. Guido hears a furious Number 10 are planning a formal Ofcom complaint…

Kay Slaps Down Burgon Again

Readers may remember when Kay Burley slapped down Shadow Justice Secretary and Brain of Britain Richard Burgon on her new Breakfast show, when he implied Labour won the last election. This week Kay had to remind him that Gordon Brown was removed as Prime Minister. Guido hopes this continues as a weekly segment…

Sky News Deals with Massive Leak

Westminster was dealing with a massive leak this afternoon. Not that of Geoffrey Cox’s legal advice to the PM, but the weather hammered down harder than a supreme court judge’s gavel (yes Guido knows UK judges don’t use gavels but the metaphor worked well). 

Watch above as Kay Burley deals with a massive drip, and Guido’s not talking about Lewis Goodall…

Did Kay Burley Vote in the Referendum?

In a confrontation with Brexit Hero Lucy Harris MEP yesterday, Sky News’ Kay Burley claimed “I didn’t vote” in the EU referendum.

However, a quick scroll back to Kay’s tweets on the day of the referendum suggests otherwise, having Tweeted ‘#ivoted’ seven times that day.

She even implied she battled through the torrential downpour to get there. Kay signed off the interview by pointing to a report that said Sky News is the most trusted in the country. Guido finds that hard to believe

Kay’s Yellow Jacket Warning

Kay Burley gave a much needed warning to Sky News’ newly appointed Political Editor Beth Rigby live this afternoon…

MPs Will Debate TV Debates

Sky News’ dogged campaign to #MakeDebatesHappen may be about to finally start yielding results with MPs set to debate the issue on Monday. After several months, Sky’s petition to establish an Independent Debates Commission has now hit the 133,000 mark after a relentless campaign to promote it that even included Kay Burley asking Jon Bon Jovi whether he supported the idea. We’re half way there…

TV debates haven’t really caught on in the UK after Nick Clegg’s surge in 2010 put the two main parties off. Small parties naturally all want to get a look in but the anarchic seven-way debate last year generated much heat and very little light. On balance Guido reckons it’s a good idea as long as the commission is politically independent and not funded by the taxpayer. Since it’s the broadcasters that stand to benefit, surely they can stump up the cash for it…

Chris Bryant Gives Kay Burley Birthday Present Live on Air

What a gent! 

Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week

Queen of Broadcast Kay Burley has spectacularly slapped down “the second best broadcaster on LBC” James O’Brien. Read the extraordinary conversation in full…

The whole interview is worth watching. O’Brien does not come across well…

We’ll let Guido readers decide who won that one…

Kay Burley’s Bust-Up With Johnny Mercer

Kay Burley’s run on Channel 4’s Celebrity Hunted sadly came to an end last night after getting dobbed in by a Warburton’s manager, although not before she managed to have a stand-up row with her accomplice Johnny Mercer MP. Mercer somewhat unadvisedly told her she was having a “complete meltdown” after she complained that he had “just f**ked off” and abandoned her. Mercer’s diplomatic skills haven’t been quite as polished as usual of late…

Fabbers’ Starkers Shock for Kay Burley

If Guido readers weren’t sure whether Michael Fabricant hadn’t already revealed too much with his video promoting his naked charity bike ride earlier, his afternoon appearance promoting it on Sky News might help them make up their minds. Fabbers opted for an unusual zoological metaphor to allude to some of the logistical challenges of filming on a cold day. Kay was speaking for all of us when she said “I think that’s more information than I’ll ever need in my whole life”…

“Who?” US Ambassador on Sadiq

Sky interviewed US Ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson in advance of President Trump’s visit next month – check out this exchange:

Kay Burley: “What’s your relationship like with Sadiq Khan?”

Ambassador Johnson: “With whom?”

Kay Burley: “Sadiq Khan, The Mayor of London”

Ambassador: “My relationship is very good”

Safe to say Sadiq won’t be on the itinerary. Brutal…

“Kay Burley Will Stand Against Matt Hancock in West Suffolk”

Labour MP Chris Bryant reckons Kay Burley could stand against Matt Hancock in West Suffolk if the future of Sky News is threatened under proposed merger plans. Kay would win…

Kay Put Through Her Paces

Kay doing her best to make this reshuffle day entertaining…

Bryant Asks Kay Out for Dinner

Chris Bryant says if Trump’s state visit goes ahead he will take Kay Burley out for dinner, or even cook. It’ll be the news event of the year…[…] Read the rest


Five More Years of Kay

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Sky News, We Need to Talk About the Glass Box

The Guy Newsroom has Sky News playing all day. The coverage is pacy and usually quicker than the BBC. They have a new studio set which for obvious reasons they are calling the Glass Box.[…] Read the rest


Sky Cut Off Trump Poster Girl Over Migrant “Bronzer” Rant

Kay Burley shut down Trump-supporting alt-righter Lauren Southern on Sky News after the Rebel Media journalist said she could “put on some bronzer, get on a dinghy boat and show up on the border of Sicily with a Koran in hand and then be accepted as an immigrant”.[…] Read the rest


Kay Burley Tells Owen Smith: “You’re Toast”

Kay Burley gave Owen Smith some home truths on Sky News, but Oily was in denial:

Kay: “You’re toast, aren’t you? I mean, you’ve got no chance of being Labour leader.”

Owen: “I don’t agree with that at all. There’s been one poll that puts me 20 points behind…”

Kay: “24 points, in fact.”

Owen: “Yeah well, the truth is it’s a poll based on last year’s data, last year’s selectorate… Our data, the polling that we’ve been doing, the phone banking that we’ve been doing shows that this is still balanced on a knife edge.

[…] Read the rest


#InOrOut Debate: Audience Turns on Cameron

Cameron should have had an easy ride with the audience, having been softened by 30 minutes of project fear. If anything, they were tougher…

Soraya Bouazzaoui, an English Literature student waiting to study her Masters, gave Cameron a broadside over Turkey joining the EU:

“They are under such heavy accusation by the entire Middle East for funding ISIS.

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Sturgeon Ducks Chopper Question

Nicola Sturgeon faced a grilling from Kay Burley this afternoon following Guido’s revelations about the SNP’s helicopter spending during the general election. Sturgeon didn’t answer the key point that the chopper was used to campaign for local candidates…[…] Read the rest


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