Salma Yaqoob Plagiarises Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Campaign

Momentum’s pick to be the next Labour candidate for West Midlands Metro-Mayor has put out some pretty professional looking material. But sadly for former Respect Party leader Salma Yaqoob, virtually none of it is her own work. Her main campaign video is completely ripped off from the US Democrats’ new socialist firebrand AOC…

Yaqoob isn’t the first Labour politician to nakedly plagiarise US Democrats. Disgraced Labour MP Kate Osamor stole her campaign victory speech from President Obama, and plagiarised her maiden speech. Plenty of Labour Party precedent…

Across the pond Joe Biden plagiarising Neil Kinnock’s ‘first in my family’ speech destroyed his presidential hopes in 1987. Sadly Guido somehow doubts it will do the same to the Momentum backed candidate…

For our American readers, Guido thought an introduction to Yaqoob was in order:

The Corbynisation of the Democratic Party is not all one way…

Hat-tip: Milk Media @milkmedianewyor

Kate Osamor Phoned 999 Twice When Journalists Tried To Ask Her Questions

Disgraced former Shadow Cabinet Minister Kate Osamor reportedly phoned the police’s emergency on two separate journalists, on Friday and Saturday last week. Scotland Yard send six officers to her home in the 24 hour period. What a great use of police resources…

Incredibly, after wide reporting of Osamor throwing water over a Times journalist on Friday, threatening to smash his face in with a bat, and calling the police, she called the police again on a journalist from the Mail on Sunday for politely knocking on her door the following day. Osamor has also blocked half the lobby on TwitterIs this what Corbyn meant when he said ‘change is coming’ for the media..?

The I Mistakes Disgraced Labour Shadow Minister for Labour Whip

In a very awkward error, the i have illustrated a story about disgraced, journalist-threatening Labour shadow minister Kate Osamor with a picture of on-trial-accused-of-perverting-the-course-of-justice Labour whip Fiona Onasanya. Picture editors elsewhere will be thinking, “there but for the grace of God”…

Kate Osamor Banned from Wikipedia

Former Shadow Cabinet Minister Kate Osamor resigned over the weekend after suggesting she would “smash [a Times reporter’s] face in” … “with a bat” and actually throwing a bucket of water over the journalist. In a double blow she has also now been banned by Wikipedia for editing her own page. She even threatened to sue the company for hosting the fact that she plagiarised “Barak Obama” [sic] for her 2017 election night speech. Osamor’s Wikipedia ban is particularly harsh, given that other speeches of hers were lifted directly from the site. Now she might have to start having original thoughts…

Osamor Ignores Osamor’s Drug Warning

Kate Osamor has been getting a little tetchy since her son and parliamentary press officer Ishmael was convicted for possessing a hefty quantity of Class A drugs at Bestival last year. He’s since stood down as a councillor and faced calls to quit his parliamentary role as well. Safe to say he probably wasn’t running her Twitter account back in 2013 when she warned her followers to “say no to drugs”…

Shadow Cabinet Minister’s Twitter Blocking Spree

Labour’s Shadow Secretary for International Development Kate Osamor has been busy blocking political journalists left right and centre on Twitter. The Guardian’s Pippa Crerar has found herself blocked despite never having interacted with Osamor online. Other victims include The Sun‘s Hugo Gye, PoliticsHome’s Kevin Schofield, the i’s Benjamin Butterworth, and Daily Mail journalists John Stevens and Tom Payne who broke the story about her son’s massive drug bust. Guido really can’t understand in what world Osamor considers this to be a smart or reputable political tactic…

Shadow Cabinet Minister’s Son Found Guilty of Possessing £2,000 of Class A Drugs

Ishmael Osamor, son of Shadow International Development Secretary Kate Osamor, has received a community service sentence after being found in possession of some £2,000 worth of Class A drugs. Ishmael works as a press officer in his mother’s parliamentary office and also became a Labour Councillor in Haringey last year following the controversial deselection of two sitting Labour Councillors. Although Osamor has not declared this in the Register of Members’ Interests – which is a breach of the rules by her.

Councillor Ishmael was caught with 30 grammes of ecstasy, 7.5 grammes of cocaine, 5.7 grammes of ketamine and a bit of cannabis with a total street value of between £1,690 and £2,500. Because prosecutors accepted his claim that this haul of drugs was for “personal use” the judge did not jail him. If he had been taking the drugs to last year’s Bestival event in Dorset for profit he would have got for 4 years jail time. Guido doffs his cap to Ishmael who must have an incredible constitution that would put Keith Richards in his prime to shame. That much ketamine would knock out an elephant, 30 grammes of ecstasy would put a rugby team into rapture for a week and 7 grammes of cocaine is quite some pace for a weekend. Bestival had one drug related death last year...

Kate Osamor Plagiarised Maiden Speech from Wikipedia, Local Newsletter and Her Predecessor

Last week it emerged Labour’s Shadow DFID spokesman Kate Osamor had copied Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on the night of her election, changing the word “America” to “Edmonton”. Now Guido can reveal new examples of plagiarism, this time from Osamor’s maiden speech delivered in the House of Commons on 2 June 2015. The new MP copied whole passages almost word-for-word from a local newsletter, Wikipedia and her predecessor’s maiden speech…

As recorded by Hansard, Osamor said during her maiden speech:

“The name Edmonton is of Anglo-Saxon origin. The medieval parish was centred on the church of All Saints, the oldest building in the borough of Enfield, which is still in use. There are several other listed buildings in Church Street, such as Lamb’s Cottage, the Charity School Hall, the former Charles Lamb Institute, and some Georgian houses. In the 1970s it was designated the first conservation area in Edmonton and there are now three others. In 1996 the Montagu cemeteries, comprising the Tottenham Park and Jewish cemeteries, were also designated because of their unique landscape qualities.”

This paragraph was lifted almost word-for-word from the Enfield Society summer 2011 newsletter:

The name Edmonton is of Anglo-Saxon origin, Eadhelms’ Farm, and shows that there has been a settlement in this area for hundreds of years. Its medieval parish was centred round the church of All Saints, probably the oldest building in the Borough of Enfield still in use. There are several other listed buildings in Church Street such as Lamb’s Cottage, the Charity School Hall, the former Charles Lamb Institute, and some Georgian houses, so it was designated the first Conservation area in Edmonton in 1970. There are now three others. In 1996, the Montague Cemeteries, comprising the Tottenham Park and Jewish Cemeteries, were designated because of their unique landscape qualities.”

Osamor’s speech continues:

“Since the 1960s Edmonton has been transformed from a predominantly white, working-class industrial suburb into a multicultural area through Commonwealth immigration, asylum seekers and the expansion of the European Union in May 2004. Edmonton Green ward has been identified as having one of the highest numbers of working-age adults living on state benefits in the UK… 

Up to 5,000 new homes and 3,000 new jobs will be created by the £1.5 billion Meridian Water redevelopment on a former industrial site”

This passage was lifted almost directly from the Wikipedia entry on Enfield as it read a month before Osamor delivered her speech:

Finally, Osamor copied huge swathes of her predecessor’s maiden speech. Osamor said:

“I stood for election as a Labour and Co-operative candidate, and now I have the privilege of representing the Co-operative movement in the House. With my colleagues, I hope to bring its principles, values and experience to bear on Members’ deliberations… Much of the industry for which Edmonton was famous—furniture making, electrical goods and electronics —has disappeared or moved to greenfield sites… Edmonton is a community of many contrasts. Alongside increasing prosperity, many people suffer considerable hardship and deprivation… It is a great honour to represent the people of Edmonton and I thank them for electing me as their Member of Parliament.”

She directly copied, but re-ordered, the sentences above from her predecessor, Andy Love, who delivered his maiden speech on 4th June 1997:

It is a great honour to represent the people of Edmonton and I thank them for electing me as their Member of Parliament…  I stood for election as a Labour and Co-operative candidate and now have the privilege of representing the Co-operative movement in the House. With my colleagues, I hope to bring its principles, values and experience to bear on hon. Members’ deliberations… Much of the industry for which Edmonton was famous—furniture, electrical goods and electronics—has disappeared or moved to green-field sites… Edmonton is a community of many contrasts. Alongside increasing prosperity, many people suffer considerable hardship and deprivation.”

Usually MPs use their maiden speech to tell the House a heart-warming story about their journey to parliament and their connections to their constituency. Does Osamor not have any original thoughts of her own?

Kate Osamor Plagiarises Barack Obama Speech

Great find by PoliticsHome – Labour Shadow International Development Secretary Kate Osamor shamelessly plagiarising a Barack Obama speech at her election count last year. Bad day for the Osamors

‘Osamoron’ Attacks Media For Accurately Quoting Her Words

Times Red Box reports Labour colleagues have dubbed Kate Osamor “Osamoron” after she posted a late night “clarification” to her interview with House magazine in which they accurately quoted her saying “intervention must take place” and “he needs to be removed” if Assad is proven to be behind the Douma gas attack. She went on to say Corbyn would be “better off” leaving statements on foreign policy to other Labour spokesmen and that he did not “need to speak” as it would not go well for him because of the “relationship he’s had with those countries”. Harsh but fair from a Shadow Cabinet minister…

In an 11pm attempt to save her job, Osamor tweeted that her quotes had been “used selectively”. This is patently untrue, if you read the interview it is clear she said all those words in context. She might be critical of Corbyn but she is happy to use his tactic of complaining when the media quote his words. Owen Smith will be wondering how Osamor and Barry Gardiner have kept their jobs this week…

Kate Osamor on Owen Jones

Kate Osamor on the struggles of Owen Jones:

“Owen has said a lot of things about what he wanted… You [Jones] are used to writing. And commentating. And reading. And looking through a lense… A lot of that is because he’s an academic, it’s not because he actually understands what struggle is.”

Labour Illiterate on Illiteracy

One line jarred in the Shadow International Development Secretary’s speech yesterday. Kate Osamor told the conference hall: “Two thirds of the world’s women cannot read or write”. Guido checked and it was in the pre-briefed text too. Quite a statistic, but is it true?

The UN estimates there are 2.7 billion women over the age of 15. Two thirds would make 1.8 billion innumerate women, an astonishing figure that doesn’t appear anywhere on the internet. One figure that does appear is this from Unesco: “Two thirds of adults who are illiterate are female”. Unesco reports that of the 758 million illiterate adults in the world, two thirds of them – 505 million – are women. Osamor’s speechwriter couldn’t read the illiteracy stats…

Some Interns More Equal Than Others


What’s the one thing you shouldn’t do if you are the Shadow Equalities minister? Advertising for an unpaid intern is probably pretty high up the list. That is exactly what Kate Osamor has done.

The naughty Corbynista only offered to pay expenses for her new “constituency intern” in an advert placed on W4MP yesterday. All a “misunderstanding”, she said when caught, promising to edit the advert and offer the living wage. The full title of Osamor’s role is Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. Wage equality clearly isn’t in her brief…

H/T @ianjsilvera

Some Shadow Equalities Ministers More Equal Than Others

Here is Cat Smith, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities:

And here is Kate Green, who is, er, also Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities:

And who’s this? Kate Osamor, who has also just been appointed as Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities:

It turns out some Shadow Equalities ministers are more equal than others: Green gets to attend Cabinet but Osamor and Smith don’t. Perhaps two Kates and a Cat left Jezza a bit confused?

Labour NEC Accused of Safe Seats Stitch Up

Multiple Labour sources have accused the party’s NEC of stitching up safe seats for committee members, with Keith Vaz in the frame for fixing selections for his friends. When there is a late retirement in the run up to an election, Labour has a standard procedure where an NEC sub-committee chooses the candidates to go forward for selection. This special selections panel is usually put into place close to the election for last minute selections only, however Guido is told that this time it was implemented in January. The NEC deciding that any constituency where the MP stood down after 10 December last year not have local shortlisting powers and the NEC rather than their local party would handle the selections.  One Labour source describes this as “earlier than ever”, another as “way too early”, noting there is “still plenty of time to run proper selections”Why the change from convention?

Since the special NEC panel was set up, NEC members are mysteriously being selected for safe seats all over the place. NEC member Conor McGinn was put on the shortlist for the uber-safe seat of St. Helen’s North, winning the selection two weeks ago. McGinn represents the same division on the NEC as Vaz.

As Guido reported yesterday, NEC member and Unite agitator Rachael Maskell has just been selected in York Central in acrimonious circumstances.

Meanwhile the selection in Edmonton, where Andy Love has retired, takes place this weekend. At the moment the favourite is Kate Osamor, surprise surprise, yet another NEC member. Three NEC members put forward for safe seats just weeks after the NEC special selections panel was set up – more than a little fishy…

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Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

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