Kate and Wills Awarded Just €100,000 Over Topless Photos

The ruling is in: Closer magazine in France has been ordered to pay just €100,000 to Kate and William over those topless photos. Kate and Wills had sought €1.5 million…

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Kate & William Get €1,500,000 Privacy Judgement Ruling Tomorrow

In the summer of 2012 Closer magazine published photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge topless during the couple’s holiday in France. The Duchess’s chest exposure angered the couple and they went to the French courts to avail of strict privacy laws. They claimed €1.5 million in damages at the Criminal Court in Nanterre, near Paris. Their lawyer Jean Veil read to the court a letter in which William denounced the pictures as “particularly painful, because they remind us of the harassment at the origin of the death of the Princess Diana, twenty years ago, in a chase pursuit with paparazzi.” The ruling is expected tomorrow… 

Two representatives of Closer – Laurence Pieau, editorial director, and Ernesto Mauri, editor – and two paparazzi from the Parisian agency Bestimage, Cyril Moreau and Dominique Jacovides, are being prosecuted for infringement of privacy or complicity.  The timing of today’s baby announcement from the couple is either a coincidence or a clever misdirection, depending on your level of cynicism…

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HuffPo on “Topless Kate’s Breasts and Bottom”


Kate Middleton is ‘guest-editing’ HuffPo today, though once she has logged in she might want to go back and delete the site’s endless number of royally shameless clickbait articles about her “breasts”, “bottom”, “topless scandal” and “dress disaster”. Kate’s day-long reign has so far seen a 100% fall in the number of HuffPo posts featuring upskirt photos, under-age girls in bikinis, incest and photos of couples having sex. She would not be amused.

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