Jolyon Maugham Abandons Vaccine Hero Smear Project

Jolyon Maugham has very graciously decided to cease his fight against Britain’s vaccine hero Kate Bingham over claims he made last year that she was an example of Tory cronyism. In a piece for The Guardian last November, Maugham ranted – without evidence – that Bingham’s appointment was an offence “to the England of my mind”. In a statement on his website today, however, he now says he is scrapping the planned legal battle, noting that the appointment process was “less poor than the government previously led us to understand”:

“We continue to await a hearing date from the High Court – but we have had an explanation from Government of the process that was followed for Kate Bingham to be appointed. That process was less poor than Government had previously led us to understand and so we will not challenge her appointment.”

The word he’s presumably looking for is “sorry”… 

In an excoriating response to the Good Law Project’s statement, Barrister Barbara Rich writes:

“It’s graceless, isn’t it? There is and was material in the public domain explaining the original evolution of the VTF from the biotechnology industry itself, and the confidence of that industry in this candidate to lead it when the government became involved.” 

In February, the legal director of the Good Law Project tweeted that Bingham might, in fact, have “ended up doing a good job”. It looks like the self-flagellating project has once again been out-foxed…

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Bingham: the Vaccine Movie

Word is that Downing Street is producing a vaccine movie. It will feature all the stars of the pandemic; Whitty, JVT and Kate Bingham. People in Downing Street credit one person for the awesome vaccination success. Without her approach, know-how, ability to get things done and knowledge of who to call to make things happen, Britain would be in a very different place. If there is a heroine in this thriller movie, it is Kate Bingham. We’ve tweaked the official trailer to reflect this truth…

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[LISTEN] Joyous Vaccine Chair Explains Novavax Jab will Not be Rolling Out Soon

A clearly delighted Kate Bingham, chair of the UK’s vaccine task force, appeared on the Today programme this morning following last night’s brilliant news of a new vaccine from Novavax showing 90% efficacy against the new Kent variant; the UK having ordered 60 million doses, all of which will be made in Teesside.

While there’s lots to be excited about, government sources emphasised to Guido last night that the jab will not roll out until the latter half of the year, with MHRA approval set to take weeks. Bingham explained to Today listeners that scale-up is already underway in Teesside and going well “but it just takes time, we are growing up mammalian cells from low volumes up to the high thousand-litre volumes and it’s very complicated”.

Bingham also opened the interview by revealing she was so pleased with last night’s news she broke dry January early with a glass of wine.

Have one on Guido, Kate…

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EU Scrambles to Buy Pfizer Vaccine After Declining Earlier Deal

The EU has decided to buy up to 100 million more doses of Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine after turning down an opportunity in July for a much bigger deal for 500 million doses, according to EU officials and an internal document seen by Reuters. Panicking European Commission officials are now racing to reverse that calamitous decision.

Unexpected delays in clinical trials are forcing the EU to rely on shots from Pfizer/BioNTech, the first Covid-19 vaccine to be approved in Britain and subsequently the US, which frustratingly for EU states still has not been approved in the EU. Even so the European Commission decided yesterday to buy up to 100 million additional doses. The virus has already killed 470,000 Europeans.

The British media was quick to criticise Kate Bingham‘s nimble procurement efforts and keen to allege conflicts of interest arising from her industry experience. In retrospect she did a brilliant job. Yet not a word has Guido seen in the British press about the lives lost as a result of the complete shambles that has been EU procurement, of first PPE and now vaccines…

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Happy Hancock Reacts to News of Covid Vaccine Approval

Appearing on BBC Breakfast just after the news of Britain approving the world’s first Covid vaccine, a very happy Hancock told viewers:

“2020 has been such a terrible year, and help is on its way… when this vaccine is rolled out things will get better and we begin that process next week. So I’m obviously absolute thrilled with the news. I’m very proud the UK is the first place in the world to have a clinically-authorised vaccine ready to go.”

The beaming Health Secretary then began thanking people involved in the vaccine, as if he were accepting a prize at an awards ceremony:

“A huge thanks to the scientists, to Pfizer, obviously to my team, Kate Bingham and Alok Sharma the Business Secretary”

Hancock stopped short of thanking God, presumably he thought it too gauche to praise himself

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NHS Tasked With Readying Vaccine Rollout From “Start of December”

In the most positive statement that he has made from the dispatch box since the start of the pandemic, Matt Hancock this afternoon announced that the NHS has been tasked “with being ready from any day from the first of December” to instigate the vaccine rollout plan. Impressively the UK, which is home to 1% of the world’s population, has secured some 10% of the world’s vaccine supply thanks to Kate Bingham. Hancock thanked NHS workers in advance for what they will do “to inject hope into millions of arms this winter”…

The testing story was unusually positive too. The UK has maintained its lead as the country performing the most tests in Europe, and from today twice weekly testing for all NHS staff is being rolled out. This is on top of new 15 minute turnaround ‘lateral flow tests’ being rolled out to millions more people in 67 further council areas covering a significant chunk of England. It really feels like a corner has been turned…

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