Labour MP’s Vaccine Queue Jumping Conspiracy Theory Ignored Real Queue Jumping Labour Shadow Minister

Shadow Health Minister Rosena Allin-Khan had to delete the tweet in the early hours of yesterday morning after sharing a fabricated rumour that vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi secretly received vaccines for himself and his family in Wandsworth this weekend. Zahawi had not received the vaccine. At the same time, the handful of Labour MPs who shared the fake news also deleted their tweets. Barbara Keeley, Karl Turner, and former Leigh MP Jo Platt had joined in the unsubstantiated pile on…

Sharing any information about a patient is bad enough. That Allin-Khan, a registered doctor who works at the Wandsworth hospital in her story, amplified this untrue rumour, makes it even worse. The General Medical Council does not tend to look favourably upon doctors who go around sharing rumours they hear about their own hospital’s supposed patients…

Dr Allin-Khan then tweeted and subsequently deleted a half hearted apology. No doubt LOTO was not impressed with its tone…

“I’ve deleted my previous tweet to Nadhim Zahawi as I understand that people were seeing it as a pile on, which was absolutely not my intention, and for that I apologise. I await a prompt response to the email I sent him about the matter which I hope is answered in good time.”

Eventually a real apology came about at 1:08 AM yesterday morning:

Strangely, the gaggle of Labour MPs who were so keen to jump on the made up rumour about Nadhim Zahawi have been totally silent about an MP who did jump the queue. Birmingham Labour MP (and Shadow Procurement Minister) Khalid Mahmood procured himself a Coronavirus vaccine at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital early last week, despite being only 59 years old, and not being eligible for a vaccine until the spring. Mahmood boasted to his constituents that:

“It’s not very well known, but at the end of the day any vaccine unused because people have not turned up for their appointments is made available at the QE vaccination hub – we can’t afford to waste any vaccine doses. I joined a queue at about 3pm and got a vaccine.”

Those who run the hospital, however have condemned the action, saying the end of day doses for the public, especially without an appointment, and the queue Mahmood joined was for NHS staff who were encouraged to take unused spots at the end of the day. A local source tells Guido that a doctor tipped Mahmood off about the queue, after which the Labour MP headed to the hospital and “just hung around waiting for it.” No doubt Dr Rosena and her colleagues had simply not heard about this news…

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Did Karl Turner Threaten Cummings?

The nauseating discourse in Westminster about the Prime Minister’s language yesterday led to Hull MP Karl Turner spotting Dominic Cummings in PCH and walking over to berate him. All conveniently filmed by one of Karl’s staffers…

At the very end of the clip, the subtitling stops – however some keen-eared Twitter users picked up the MP say one last parting thing to the PM’s Senior Adviser

Some reckon they can hear Karl saying he wants Cummings ‘in a ditch, dead’, which, of course, would undermine his rant about using more moderated language. Watch above and make up your own mind…

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Cummings Dashes Karl Turner’s Ego

Dominic Cummings to Karl Turner…

I don’t know who you are.

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Karl Turner Accused of Slapping Woman’s Bum and Making Lewd Comments About Her “Real Tits”

Labour MP Karl Turner will be lucky to survive this FT investigation. They are accusing him of slapping a woman on the bottom and making lewd comments about her “real tits” after she had a double mastectomy:

The eyewitness alleged that when Mr Turner was challenged after he slapped the buttocks of the female Labour member, he responded with something like “I couldn’t help myself”.

Two witnesses say they heard Mr Turner tell the woman, who had only recently recovered from breast cancer, that she “shouldn’t have got rid of her real tits because they were great”, before adding “the ones you’ve got now are nice enough”. He is said to have first made such comments in 2014 and repeated them on other occasions.

Turner’s lawyers deny the claims…

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Labour Loudmouth’s Untrue Tweet Goes Viral

At the time of going to pixel this tweet from loudmouth Labour MP Karl Turner has been re-tweeted almost 4,000 times. The suggestion that Osborne deleted a tweet about tax evasion in light of the Cameron row is being shared by Labour politicians and thousands of supporters:

Just one problem: Turner is talking complete nonsense, Osborne of course did not delete the tweet. Here it is below, it is not “missing from his feed“:

Labour might have more success hurting Cameron on this if they didn’t resort to blatant untruths…

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Red on Red: Shouty Crackers Karl Turner Email Rage

Labour big mouth Karl Turner emails veteran Labour MP Austin Mitchell:

“You’re a joke Austin. It’s very sad to see it but it’s becoming increasingly apparent. You think it clever to attack us. It’s not clever and you’ve had plenty out of the Party. Stop attacking us. I am reluctant to pull you up publicly because you love the attention so very much. If you can’t say anything supportive just keep your opinion to yourself. We need to retain Grimsby. You’ve done little to help with that. And I doubt you’ve ever had a kitchen in Grimsby. Mili has one in Donny and mines massive in East Hull. Thanks.”

Austin Mitchell promptly published the email

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