NHS Staff Admonished for Asking for Minority-Only Training Programme’s Expansion

NHS staff in Sussex have been bollocked by the deputy CEO Karen Breen for voicing discontent with a new training scheme that will be open to women, BAME and disabled employees only. A co-conspirator got in touch to tell Guido:

Basically there was loads of “feedback” on the comments section of the webinar that Karen and Co deemed as against NHS values. No one could figure out, nor was it explained which of these comments was unacceptable as most were asking for the programme to be expanded to cover men and lower band staff.

The woke starts at the top but is wholly unaccepted by the actual workforce.

Karen Breen admonished workers in a special “CEO briefing” who were asking why able-bodied, white men would not be entitled to take part – despite many staff moaning that opportunities for career progression training are few and far between.

Screenshots sent to Guido set out details of the new “ASPIRE” programme, launching on March 1st 2022, which targets “colleagues in bands 5 to 7 from a BAME background, disabled staff and our female workforce” and will give them seven months of key skills training to advance up pay bands.

Despite the mass telling-off, staff were not informed specifically which comments on the programme were unacceptable, though “most were asking for the programme to be expanded to cover men and lower band staff”. Guido’s irritated source also points out that it’s odd for the programme to be targeting women, given they make up 77% of the workforce…

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