Meanwhile, in Ibiza…

The Milibands have been spotted having it large.

Quote of the Day

Justine Miliband speaks on the Milifandom:

“it must be a case of mistaken identity”

Miliband Beats His Wife

As does Farage.

But Miriam Clegg really thrashes Nick in the Daily Mail poll of Leaders vs Spouses

Quote of the Day

Justine confirms Ed is a drip:

“Canvassing in the rain always reminds me of falling in love with Ed”

Miliband Speaks Out In Kitchen Row

Well done to Jonathan Walker from the Birmingham Mail for asking Ed Miliband the most important question of the day:

“I have only just been catching up with it. I think Justine would probably say she wishes I’d spend more time in the kitchen. The house we bought had a kitchen downstairs when we bought it. And it is not the one we use. We use the small one upstairs. This is the kitchen Justine and I use.”

If he can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchens.

Seen Elsewhere

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