Green Subsidy Queen Cries Over Cuts


Juliet Davenport, the Green subsidy queen who specialises in rinsing the taxpayer for her grand eco-schemes, has slammed the government for ending onshore wind subsidies a year earlier than planned. Apparently DECC’s short-sightedness will compromise the UK’s energy security…

That would be the same DECC who just approved her husband Mark Shorrock’s £1 billion plan to concrete over Swansea harbour and turn it into an experimental tidal power station. Once the Swansea project is built, Mark will be able to pass on taxpayer subsidised electricity to Juliet’s energy supply company Good Energy, which will sell it on for a premium. Kerching!

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Britains Greediest Green Subsidy Fat-cats

swansea lagoon

The married couple behind the £1 billion Swansea Lagoon tidal power scheme are professional subsidy scroungers who specialise in draining the government’s green cash coffers. An investigation by the Sun has revealed the full extent of Mark Shorrock and Juliet Davenport’s eco-troughing.

Juliet has been in the game a long time, working on carbon taxes for the European Parliament before setting up “Good Energy” which buys renewable energy and sells it onto eco-concious customers at premium rates. Mark has spent the past decade getting consent for 30 subsidised wind and solar farms, while spending his free time setting up various green investment vehicles.

Last year Juliet’s Good Energy bought 10% of the projected power from the Swansea lagoon for a £500,000 investment in its owners Tidal Lagoon Power. Mark happens to be the CEO of  Tidal Lagoon Power. So the tax-payer will pay them to produce the energy, then they will be able to sell it on at a premium rate…

They have plans for 4 more lagoons. Of course they do…

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