BREAK: Julian Knight Has Whip Removed

A spokesperson for the Government Chief Whip said:

“Following a complaint made to the Metropolitan Police this evening, we have removed the Whip from Julian Knight MP with immediate effect.”

UPDATE: Julian Knight responds, saying he has not heard anything from the police or the whips, though will recuse himself from parliament in the meantime:

“I have heard nothing from the police, the Whips Office or Parliament’s Internal Grievance Service, or been the subject of any investigation by the latter. Nor have I ever been warned or spoken to by the Whips office about any allegations of misconduct.

I believe their withdrawal of the whip is wrong and unjustified. Some months ago I accepted the resignation of a staff member following a full enquiry into his conduct regarding House of Commons security issues and, separately, allegations of bullying against him.

Subsequently, I have received what my lawyers advise are explicit threats involving blackmail as well as being at the centre of a campaign of rumour and innuendo. All matters are now with my lawyers and I will be recusing myself from Parliament until the matter is resolved.”

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Julian Knight’s Had Enough

Julian Knight, chair of DCMS Select Committee on the Online Safety Bill:
I’m supporting the Bill tonight because frankly, after five years, I’ve had enough.”

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Davie: Brammar’s 3 Levels Down, Her 16,000 Tweet-Deletion was a “Good Thing to Do”

The BBC’s top execs wriggled under scrutiny from MPs this morning following the appointment of Jess Brammar. There were two main lines to come from the encounter: Tim Davie claimed Brammar deleting her 16,000 tweets was a “good thing to do” and emphasised that Brammar’s position was “3 levels down” in terms of seniority, not number 3 in news. He also complained that the culture war is now raging and making the BBC’s job more difficult; and Richard Sharpe saying he doesn’t think the BBC will figure out where the Robbie Gibb leak came from. Funny given everyone else can make a pretty good guess…

When asked whether Davie was still committed to diversity of thought, and how Brammar’s appointment aided that, he confessed the BBC doesn’t ask applicants their views on issues. Surely making his goal impossible…

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Tony Hall Challenged Over BBC Wokeness

Appearing before the DCMS select committee was never going to be an easy ride for Tony Hall, especially after its newly-elected Chair, Julian Knight, has publically called for licence fee reform. Lord Hall was repeatedly challenged on diversity of thought at the Beeb. Unsurprisingly, Hall seems happy with the status quo…

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Knight Plans BBC Battle

After years of conspiracy-baiting and Cadwalladr whispering, the media-hungry DCMS select committee and its chairman is facing a big change. Last month friend of the site Damian Collins narrowly lost his chairmanship of the Committee by just seven votes. We can thank abstaining Corbynite MPs for that…

The new Chairman, Solihull MP Julian Knight, is a vast improvement. Knight, who worked for the Beeb for five years before becoming money and property editor for The Independent on Sunday, wrote last month that the corporation needs a “no holds barred review”, with the “main option” being to move to a “subscription service or allow people to opt-out from the BBC.” Knight’s campaign literature instead focussed on getting the BBC “sorted”, as well as broadband and progress in sport…

The Committee looks set to drop its spurious one-sided reports into the Brexit campaign under the guise of ‘fake news‘. Collins used his position to let Remain campaigners ‘analyse‘ pro-Brexit outlets, trying to haul Dom Cummings in for an ‘evidence session‘, and only choosing to investigate the ‘Leave‘ side of the referendum. Guido looks forward to Knight’s committee instead flexing its muscles for good – looking into the UK’s restrictively regulated broadcasting rules, and the TV tax

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DCMS Committee Member and Former Digital Minister Slam BBC Over Left Wing Takeover

The BBC has this afternoon come under fire by influential MPs, condemning the organisation for giving a one sided advertising boost to a U.S. owned left-wing news website for an entire day.

Former Digital Minister Ed Vaizy has thrown the BBC’s judgement into question:

“It seems very odd for the BBC to be partnering with any news organisation at all, given their role in providing impartial news. But if they are, in the interests of getting younger voices, then there need to be a range of views, not just the exclusive view of one editorial standpoint.

When the Today Programme has guest editors, they at least ensure they come from both left and right. 5 Live should do the same if they are going down this road.”

Julian Knight, a member of the powerful Digital Culture Media and Sport Committee, which oversees the BBC, has told Guido that the BBC has questions to answer…

“This is yet another instance in a long line of left-wing and left leaning people brought in to run key editorial content at the BBC. Huffington Post has a very particular leaning, and the BBC has questions to answer over its supposed impartiality.

It feels at the moment that the BBC is alienating a large chunk of the audience, something that will damage it in the long run.”

With the left-wing Huffington Post’s “twenties takeover” the BBC is ceding editorial control to a rival media organisation. Don’t they have enough of their own young left-wing journalists?

UPDATE: Former Conservative Vice Chair for Youth Ben Bradley weighs in…

“I’m all for a focus on young people, and engaging young people with creating their news content. I’m sure that could be a very positive thing, but as an organisation that has its own vast team of journalists, including some in their 20s that I’ve met and worked with myself, I don’t really see why they need to outsource.

If they really need help why would they reach out to an organisation that anyone operating in the political sphere would recognise as having a left-leaning bias. They may as well have drafted in the Guardian or the Mirror. It’s only going to drive the theory that they’re not as balanced as they’re meant to be!”

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