Gove Asked Seven Times How Many People Bonkers New “Buy a House on Benefits” Housing Policy will Help

Julia Hartley-Brewer skewered Gove this morning as he was asked seven times to specify how many people his new “Buy a House on Benefits” housing policy will help. Given the policy involves allowing people on benefits to put them towards paying a mortgage, the answer will be tiny. Gove failed to answer all seven times, eventually calling it a “silly question”. Not as stupid as the policy…

Guido has had a quick ring round and one Downing Street source – off the record – described it as “a nonsesensical gimmick”, a think-tanker usually sympathetic to the government described the policy as “insane”. The problems with the housing mortgage market will not be solved by just lowering credit worthiness criteria for borrowers, they will be solved by building more houses, something the government under threat of losing seats to cynical LibDems in the places where people want to live, is failing to promote. The problems of low income earners not earning enough are not helped by the government subsidising low paying employers via the welfare system or putting up the taxes of low earners. More big spending by big government is not the solution…

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Hartley-Brewer Versus Question Time Climate Activist: “You’re Part of the Problem!”

One of the more entertaining episodes of Question Time last night, with Julia Hartley-Brewer going head-to-head with a climate activist sat in the audience over net zero:

JHB: “You’re part of the problem madam. This move to net zero in a randomly plucked date in 2050, which by the way was decided in Parliament after a 90 minute debate, I’ve spent longer choosing socks than that for goodness sake…


Activist: “It’s not about a date, it’s about a reduction in global atmospheric carbon emissions to reduce a global temperature rise.”

JHB: “We’re not going to hit it but if we did what would it achieve?” 

Activist: “It will stop ecosystems collapsing.”

Hartley-Brewer also pulled no punches when taking aim at No.10 over partygate, once again calling for Boris to resign…

Clearly had her Weetabix this week

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Wes Streeting Successfully Defines Men & Women

An astonishing outburst of common sense from Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting this morning as he manages to answer Julia Hartley-Brewer’s sex questioning with a straightforward response:

“Men have penises, women have vaginas, here ends my biology lesson. That doesn’t mean, by the way, there aren’t people who transition to other genders because they experience gender dysphoria and we should acknowledge that and conduct the debate in a way that respects those people’s rights and dignity.”

This rare straightforward response prompted a round of applause from Julia who lauded him for being able to answer the question, after which Streeting joked that would end his “lefty street cred”. On cue Owen Jones is already complaining that Streeting gave an answer “which led a hard right shock jock to applaud him, and leaves trans women and men even more exposed to being misgendered”. Wes also got that right…

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Julia Hartley-Brewer Steals the Show on Politics Live

Julia Hartley-Brewer providing one of the most entertaining Politics Live appearances in a while today, taking LibDem Layla Moran to town over Covid hypocrisy and Brexit without breaking a sweat. Guido particularly enjoyed Moran claiming schools “never closed” during the lockdowns, and insisting she “is still wearing a mask” as she sat barefaced shoulder to shoulder with her fellow panelists. Julia’s resigned looks to the camera made it even better… 

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Rishi Struggles to Answer “What is a Woman?”

Rishi’s morning media round, even for a notoriously message-slick politician, was a difficult watch. While he just about kept on top of questions about yesterday’s spring statement, Julia Hartley-Brewer managed to wrongfoot the chancellor on the culture war question of “what is a woman?” Despite repeated goading, Rishi refused to proffer his own definition, merely deferring to the PM’s words during PMQs yesterday. Given Rishi couldn’t seem to remember them, Guido’s happy to provide the Hansard record for future reference:

“This is one of those issues that the whole House is coming to realise requires extreme sensitivity, tact, love and care. We must recognise that when people want to make a transition in their lives, they should be treated with the maximum possible generosity and respect. We have systems in this country that allow that and have done for a long time, and we should be very proud of that, but I want to say in addition that I think, when it comes to distinguishing between a man and a woman, the basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important.”

Rishi is not the only person having unexpected trouble defining a woman. In the US senate on Monday, Biden’s nominee for the US Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, said she was unable to define what a woman was – saying she was not a biologist:

What is going on that highly educated, high status individuals can no longer explain what differentiates their mothers from their fathers? This is madness…

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Hartley Brewer and Rayner Welcome ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’

Today’s the day to try your luck…

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