Labour MP Gets Hot and Steamy With Female Constituents

Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds swapped the political heat for a different sort of froth this morning – the Stalybridge MP stripped down to his swimmies to open a new indoor-outdoor jacuzzi pool in his constituency with help from some floating voters. A true public servant going the extra mile to see more of his constituents…

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Reynolds on Hammond

Shadow Treasury minister Jonathan Reynolds with a Budget groaner (via PA):

“The Chancellor may be known as spreadsheet Phil but on this occasion he did not excel.”

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Reynolds Hits Back at Diane Abbott Smear

Diane Abbott smeared┬áthe departed members of the frontbench on Newsnight as “all former Special Advisers”:

“When you look at some of the other people, when you look at Jonathan Reynolds, if you look at Mr Dugher, if you look at some of these others, what do they have in common? They’re all former Special Advisers…”

Reynolds, who wasn’t a SpAd, hits back:

Anyway, not like Ken Livingstone press officer turned councillor, turned candidate, turned MP, turned shadow minister Diane Abbott is a career politician…

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Reynolds Quits: Read Resignation Letter in Full

Shadow Rail minister Jonny Reynolds is the first frontbencher to quit this morning, telling Corbyn: “I cannot in good conscience endorse the world view of the Stop the War Coalition… I believe my colleague Pat McFadden was right…”

Who’s next?

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