Jonathan Isaby Appointed Communications Private Secretary to Priti Patel

Think tank big beast Jonathan Isaby has announced he’s joining the Civil Service as Priti Patel’s new Communications Private Secretary. He will be joining her Private Office at the Home Office. Isaby was previously the Director of the Politea think tank. Before that, he worked as the co-Editor of ConservativeHome, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, and Editor of BrexitCentral. Congratulations!

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Is the government’s Covid testing strategy sinking without trace?

With unemployment rising two a two-year high and thousands of post-furlough redundancies expected, what’s next for the UK economy?

Rishi Sunak says he wants to “get creative” to support jobs and employment.  But how will he do that?

And are the testing fiasco and the rebellion over the Internal Market Bill jeopardising Boris Johnson’s premiership?

All this and more will be put to the (readily-available) test in tonight’s Live with Littlewood from the IEA.

Joining host Mark Littlewood will be the Times’ science editor Tom Whipple, ConservativeHome’s Mark Wallace, and former Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips.

Also taking part in our 90 minutes of free-rolling conversation will be the new Director of the Politeia think tank Jonathan Isaby, independent economist Julian Jessop, Matthew Lesh of the Adam Smith Institute, Duncan Simpson of the Taxpayers’ Alliance plus the IEA’s Annabel Denham and Christopher Snowdon.

Be sure to join in the debate – LIVE at 6 – here or on YouTube.

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Jonathan Isaby to Become New Politeia Director

The Politeia think tank is getting a refresh this September when it will welcome think tank big beast Jonathan Isaby as its new Director. Sheila Lawlor, the founder Director, will take on a new role of Director of Research. Isaby is a well known face in wonk world, having been co-editor of ConservativeHome and Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance. He comes to the role fresh from four years as editor of BrexitCentral. He tells Guido:

‘During my two decades working in and around Westminster, I’ve seen how Sheila and her team have played a vital role in framing numerous policy debates, so it is a great privilege now to be taking on the mantle of Director of Politeia. I’m looking forward to ensuring that its rigorous research and analysis reaches an ever larger audience, while abiding by the timeless aim of promoting ‘the best policies for a free society under the rule of law’

Under Isaby, Politeia is set to kickstart a new programme of developing policies for the economy and tax, the constitution, law, education, social security reform, health and social care. Congratulations and good luck!

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Vote Leave Chief Launching New Brexit Site, Taxpayers’ Alliance Reshuffles

Vote Leave chief Matthew Elliott is back at Business for Britain post-referendum, and Guido hears he will be setting up a new website called BrexitCentral. Former Lobby journalist Jonathan Isaby is leaving the Taxpayers’ Alliance to join as editor. It sounds like the site will offer plenty of comment and analysis – there is a gap in the market for some proper wonkish insight making sure Brexit means Brexit. It launches in September and Guido wishes them well, readers of this site will no doubt await with interest…

Isaby’s departure from the TPA means a reshuffle in wonk world. Tufton Street veteran John O’Connell, who has been at the TPA since 2009, will be the new CEO, another well-deserved appointment. They’ve also hired Tom Banks, who ran Vote Leave’s ground operation in Yorkshire, as their new grassroots campaign manager. More jobs created by voting to Leave…

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