Gullis Pulls Out of Tencent Parliamentary Event

Jonathan Gullis is the second MP to pull out of his scheduled event at Westminster Games Week next week, claiming he was “unaware” of Tencent’s involvement and condemning their affiliation with the event. Which raises the question, will any of Tencent’s parliamentary events go ahead?

In a statement to Guido this afternoon, Gullis said:

“I am appalled to hear about the involvement of Tencent. At no point was I aware that Tencent had any involvement in the event. I have therefore withdrawn my support for the event with immediate effect.

“In partnership with UKIE, the industry body, I had agreed to sponsor an event in Parliament for Westminster Games Week. UKIE promotes the video gaming industry in the U.K., which Stoke-on-Trent is a growing part of.”

While Wakeford and Gullis may have distanced themselves from Tencent’s involvement, Westminster Games Week is still scheduled to go ahead next Wednesday. Sponsored by a company which 117 MPs specifically condemned just 5 months ago…

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Jonathan Gullis Still Set to Appear at Tencent Event Despite MPs’ Condemnation

Yesterday Labour MP Christian Wakeford announced he was pulling out of hosting an event next week on behalf of Tencent, after Guido pointed out 117 MPs had signed a petition condemning the Chinese tech giant for suspected ties to the Beijing government. Wakeford claimed he had never heard of the company, and called on all MPs to stand against human rights abuses in China. It turns out Wakeford isn’t the only one with some explaining to do…

Tory MP Jonathan Gullis is also scheduled to host an event next week on levelling up, with Tencent labelled as a main sponsor. The timing of the event hasn’t yet been announced, although a source tells Guido the event is still, at the moment, set to go ahead. Gullis is also still advertised on Westminster Gaming Week’s website:

Guido has repeatedly approached Gullis for comment…

UPDATE: Gullis has pulled out of the event.

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Tory MP Invites Meghan to Stoke for a Sausage Roll After Piers Morgan Rant

The new MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, Jonathan Gullis, has jumped upon Piers Morgan’s comments about Meghan Markle’s apparent reluctance to engage in Royal duties, with an offer surely too good to turn down. In a Daily Mail column yesterday, Piers Morgan had written that:

“Meghan wants to live the life of an A-list star off the back of her new royal fame, cherry-picking all the good stuff like luxury tours, movie premieres, charity galas and Hollywood parties.

But she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty opening a community hall on a wet Wednesday in Stoke-on-Trent. That’s for the little royal people, not a superstar princess like her.”

Sensing an opportunity for his constituency that was too good to miss, Gullis tweeted that Meghan was more than welcome to visit.

When asked if the offer was serious, Gullis told Guido that “the Duchess of Sussex would also be most welcome to come visit the Mothertown of Burslem, have a tour of Chatterley Whitfield or open Kidsgrove Sports Centre once we reopen it next summer.” Go on Meghan, prove Piers wrong…

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