Lansman’s Faction Defeated in Momentum Elections

The factional battle between Momentum Renewal and the ‘democratising’, pro-open primary slate calling itself Forward Momentum was decisively won last night by the anti-Lansman faction. Lansman, perhaps wisely, decided against running himself in the election. Forward Momentum candidates won all 20 directly elected places on the committee, with four places left to ‘Public Office Holders’. Momentum ‘Renewal’, which of course was the faction who was already running Momentum, lost badly…

Members seem to have been less than impressed with Momentum’s less than democratic Leadership endorsement process. Now the far left faction within the far left faction of the left wing party has taken control of that faction’s National Coordinating Group. Got it?

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Momentum Founder Purges Corbyn

Momentum founder Jon Lansman:

“I don’t think Jeremy will overstay his welcome”.

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Labour Abolishes Blairite Student Wing

Last night, Labour’s NEC voted to abolish the National Organisation of Labour Students, after a motion was tabled by Momentum founder Jon Lansman. NOLS had been seen as one of the last bastions of Blairism in the party, with previous committee members including Jacqui Smith, Gloria De Piero, John Woodcock, Mike Gapes, and Tom Watson. It’s no surprise Corbynites were never a fan…

Until last year the organisation had been funded by the party, with three paid roles based in Labour’s Southside headquarters. Funding for this year was pulled and the full-time roles effectively abolished. Now the final step has been taken by Labour’s ruling executive, disaffiliating the organisation as one of Labour’s ‘socialist societies’, and setting precedent to disaffiliate other less loyal affiliated groups, like some trade unions. A big pro-loyalty power play…

Abolishing the arm organising a key demographic for Labour potentially just weeks out from a general election might not seem like the smartest electoral strategy. Last night’s meeting also lowered the threshold to trigger deselection of MPs in Wales from 51% to 33%. The purge marches on…

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Lansman’s Extraordinary Attempt to Smear Anti-Semitism Whistleblowers

Corbyn’s outriders are continuing their all out pre-emptive war to try to discredit Labour’s anti-Semitism whistleblowers ahead of tonight’s Panorama exposé. Now it’s Momentum founder Jon Lansman who’s been wheeled out to make an extraordinary allegation against the whistleblowers, suggesting that they deliberately sabotaged Labour’s attempts to tackle anti-Semitism in order to make Corbyn look bad. Looks pretty defamatory if he doesn’t have any proof:

Momentum themselves have already put out an attack video against producer John Ware while Corbyn’s spokesman has been briefing heavily against the BBC. It’s a radical change from Corbyn’s past approach of putting out bland statements paying lip-service to tackling the problem. They are seriously worried…

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Happy Birthday Momentum

Momentum are celebrating their third birthday today. What a lot they have to celebrate. Their founding and primary purpose was the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader and his re-election and continual protection. Their role as praetorian guard is absolute, though Guido is sure they would prefer to see themselves as a revolutionary vanguard. Why have they been so successful where other left-wing factions have always failed to gain control of the Labour Party? You can talk about populism and the maco-economic situation, post-capitalist paradigms all you like, the answer Guido suspects is that they really got the internet. They are digital native lefties.

Miliband enabled it with the £3 joining scheme. Labour’s potential and actual supporters were tired of New Labour’s mix of markets and social justice progressivism, so when a digitally savvy campaign energised people to join and vote – with the genius digital insight of actually linking supporters to the Labour Party website’s joining page – it was their’s for the taking. You also have to give credit to the pied piper of Corbynism, Owen Jones. His post-Chavs celebrity gave him a campaigning platform and he ran with it whole-heartedly, energising a campaign for the leadership against a bunch of triangulating, boring suits who were the New Labour junior B-team. His latter denial of the electability of Corbyn ranks up there with St Peter’s denial of Jesus for core Corbynistas. They owe Owen a massive debt.

It was the internet that enabled the campaign, it was the ignoring of the old school lefties and their methods and language that brought them victory. Also dispensing with endless internal democracy and debates which waste everyone’s time and energy was wise. The usual unpleasantness of the hard left will ensure they seize control of the party machinery entirely for the first time in the party’s history. The Labour Party is likely to be in their grip for at least a decade, if not for ever.

Tories often ask if Guido regrets backing Toby Young’s Tories for Corbyn campaign. He’s not going to win and is likely to split the left and the centre-left, so no. There is of course some risk involved…

Incidentally, Lansman’s Jeremy for Labour Limited through which he controls Momentum, whatever democratic front Momentum put on things, was actually incorporated in June 2015. So is it really their birthday today?

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Re-Constructed Ambiguity

Jon Lansman explains exactly how Labour’s Brexit position has changed…

“The range of ambiguity has shifted.”

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