Jolyon Finally Meets Matt Hancock…

Over the weekend, foxbeater-in-chief Jolyon Maugham took a short break from losing in court to try his hand at rock climbing. Who did he bump into? None other than Matt Hancock. The kind of showdown that belongs on the big screen…

A little bit, although Hancock’s team tell Guido the Kimono King didn’t actually have the courage to confront his nemesis. Apparently Matt didn’t even notice him:

“Matt didn’t notice Jolyon at the climbing wall. Maybe, just like De Niro in the climax of ‘Heat’, Jolyon was hiding – to be fair, who can blame him after the GLP’s latest embarrassing loss in the courts last week.”

At least De Niro and Pacino sat down to try settling their differences. Either way, film buffs will remember De Niro ultimately loses at the end. Something Jolyon would, admittedly, know something about…

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High Court Slaps Down Jolyon’s Trans Row Claim

Jolyon has conceded his first loss of 2023. Having lasted an impressive 16 days with a clean sheet, this morning the High Court threw out the Good Law Project’s claim that NHS waiting times for gender reassignment treatment are unlawful. Like most of their cases, it was dismissed:

“It’s always disappointing to lose a case, especially when the loss impacts on people already discriminated against in society… Good Law Project went to court last November to challenge these unacceptably long waits. Sadly the judge decided that: “NHS England is doing all it can reasonably be expected to do to reduce waiting times”. Obviously, we disagree…”

Like clockwork, Jolyon is trying to overturn the decision via appeal. Three guesses for how that’s going to go…

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Jolyon Fundraising to Stop Bullsh*t Spreading

Having dropped so many stinkers of his own in His Majesty’s courts, Jolyon is now applying his expertise to pastures new. The Good Law Project is raising cash for a campaign to stop faeces running off into the River Wye along the England-Wales border. Wye not, eh…

So far, the campaign has raised £3,503 of its £15,000 target, with Jolyon vowing to challenge the Supreme Court over its decision to allow new farming developments in the area and stop the river turning into pea soup:

“The plans, which have been given the green light by Herefordshire Council, will see the expansion of Bage Court Farm in the village of Dorstone, including the construction of a giant new livestock shed. The increase in manure run-off generated by this development will see yet more ecological damage inflicted on the Dore and by extension, the River Wye. 

Disappointingly and frustratingly, the hard-fought legal efforts of campaigners so far – led by local resident, David Sahota – have been unsuccessful. The High Court and the Court of Appeal have both endorsed Herefordshire Council’s rubber-stamping of the Bage Court Farm development.

Good Law Project is supporting campaigners to challenge, and hopefully overturn, these decisions in the Supreme Court.”

Arguably a better use of his time than the deluge of judicial reviews the GLP normally pumps out.  Unfortunately, however, he has tried making this sort of case before. He lost.

Guido has a better win-win idea, instead of spending tens of thousands on lawyers, why not put the money towards financing a farm scale anaerobic digester that would turn the farm manure into bio-gas energy and compost?

The farm will be able to expand, energy will be generated. Compost will be produced for sale. Turning bullshit into cash, a process lawyers well understand…

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Jolyon Now Threatening More Wildlife in His Garden

This Boxing Day just gone, Twitter commemorated the third anniversary of Jolyon battering a fox to death in his garden while wearing a kimono. Guido can now reveal he’s moved on from killing foxes to threatening other wildlife. Last March, Jolyon submitted a planning application to add a new garden shed and wine cellar to his South London mansion. Months on, and as is the way with Britain’s planning system, very little work is underway. 

Some cause of the delay appears to be from The Walworth Society, who in March last year raised concerns about “potential damage to the tree roots of the large trees in this garden”

“These are very significant trees for the local area and there is the potential for the depth of foundations to damage them and thus deprive the trees of water.

The concerns are exacerbated by the fact that the ground floor appears to be dug into the ground. The aim should be to minimise the impact of any foundations.”

Two months after this ecological complaint from the Walworth Society, Jolyon was forced to commission an arboricultural impact assessment report, the conclusion of which meant the lives of two lovely innocent trees were saved. As of December, revised plans are still being submitted. Guido looks forward to being invited to the housewarming as and when…

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Jolyon’s Donors Become Cash Cow for Government After Year of Consecutive Court Defeats

On January 1st Jolyon posted a Twitter thread claiming “We had a pretty extraordinary year at Good Law Project in 2022″. That’s certainly true, 2022 was extraordinarily poor for the GLP and Jolyon. The LabourPainsBlog – a seminal source for keeping track of Jolyon’s courtroom losses – shows the Good Law Project saw eight legal defeats in court; crowdfunding income down a whopping 70%; and over £700,000 of legal costs awarded by the GLP to the government. Extraordinary…

According to the GLP’s own sums, total income from crowdfunders has slumped from £1.144 million in 2020/21 and £1.863 million in 2021/22 to just £580,000 in 2022/23. And 45% of that £580,000 came from crowdfunders launched in previous years…

LabourPainsBlog’s month-by-month Spotify-style round-up of Jolyon’s defeats doesn’t make for upbeat reading either:


  • High Court ordered the GLP to pay £250,000 of the government’s legal costs over the PPE VIP lane trial
  • Court of Appeal allowed the government’s appeal against the GLP’s earlier High Court win on the Public First case


  • The High Court dismissed “in its entirety” the GLP’s judicial review claim alleging cronyism by the government when appointing Dido Harding, ordering the GLP to pay 80% of the government’s legal costs


  • Court of Appeal refused the GLP permission to appeal the VIP lane case from January
  • The High Court dismissed the GLP’s attempt to challenge ministers’ use of personal emails and apps like Whatsapp to conduct government business. GLP ordered to pay £125,000 of the government’s legal costs


  • High court dismissed the GLP’s attempt to challenge the award of contracts for Covid antibody tests to Abingdon Health
  • Same High Court case rules that the GLP lacks the standing to bring in such claims at all


  • Court of Appeal dismissed the GLP’s appeal in the ministerial Whatsapps and emails case
  • Supreme Court refused the GLP permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s January ruling on Public First

Guido can also reveal the result of a successful FoI request sent to the Government Legal Department (GLD), asking how much the government had paid out to the GLP in 2022, and how much they had received during the same period. The answer? A net revenue for the government of £371,106.19.

“I can confirm the following information on behalf of the GLD in response to your request.

In answer to part 1 of your request, as at 1st November 2022, £40,000 has been paid out to firms representing the Good Law Project in litigation by the Government Legal Department (on behalf of HM Government).

In regards to part 2, up to the 1st November 2022, £411,106.19 has been received from the Good Law Project (and/or firms representing the Good Law Project in litigation) by the Government Legal Department.”

Here’s to 2023, Jolyon…

Big hat-tip to LabourPainsBlog

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Supreme Court Refuses Jolyon’s Appeal Over Gove Verdict

The Supreme Court has, regretfully, told Jolyon they won’t be wasting their time hearing his appeal case on the Michael Gove verdict. Meaning Jolyon ends the year just as he began it… with yet another loss.

Back in January, the Court of Appeal overturned a prior High Court ruling that a procurement contract was unlawfully awarded to Public First – a firm with links to Dominic Cummings and Michael Gove. Jolyon and the Good Law Project reacted with “profound surprise” as their impossibly rare win turned to dust before their eyes, and vowed to take it to the highest court in the land to seek justice. They failed. 

The Supreme Court refused the appeal because “the application does not raise an arguable point of law of general public importance“, and in the “emergency context created by the pandemic”. Looks like they had better things to be doing this Christmas…

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