Jolyon’s Chief-of-Staff is Former Momentum Leader

Jolyon has hired a new Chief of Staff for the Good Law Project: former National Coordinator of Momentum – yes, that Momentum – Laura Parker. The same Laura Parker who stood side by side with Corbyn right up to Labour’s car crash defeat in 2019…

While she may have quit Momentum, she still has plenty to say in favour of the Labour Party, claiming it “can and must win the next election” and attacking “the right wing bias” of first-past-the-post. As if the Good Law Project needed yet another signal it’s just a front for anti-Tory activists… 

Just this morning, Jolyon announced he’s demanding Ofgem “carries out and publishes a full equality impact assessment” before lifting the energy price cap this autumn, on the grounds that it might breach the European Convention on Human Rights and the Equality Act 2010. If Guido understands their argument right, price rises discriminate aginst the poor and is therefore a breach of their human rights. Bonkers. With Parker’s expertise in winning from her Momentum days, maybe now the Good Law Project’s fortunes will finally change. Maybe.

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Jolyon Signals His Boring Sex Life

As the punditocracy whirs into motion over the leadership race, there was one voice speaking louder than all others: step forward the foxbeater-in-chief, Jolyon Maugham. With most of SW1 focusing on the candidates’ policies and credentials, it was left to Jolyon to lead from the front on pointless race-baiting commentary, tweeting on Friday:

“Do you think the members of your party are ready to select a brown man, Rishi?”

A comment he swiftly deleted, only to later claim he will take “no lectures” from a party led by Boris Johnson. Not content to make a fool of himself once, the same evening he had another go at it…

Again reaching for his phone, he then took a swing at the candidates’ sex lives. Quoting a Times story referencing “bondage, domination and sadomasochism“, Jolyon added:

The implication being that his tastes are far more dull and less kinky. Admittedly this is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps that fox would still be breathing if Jolyon had been more consistent on his opposition to beatings…

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Jolyon Loses Again, Fails to Stop Sewage Dumping

On cue, Jolyon’s dropped another stinker. This time it’s in the Court of Appeal, where the Good Law Project led a group of interveners in challenging water company United Utilities to stop them dumping waste into rivers and seas. While it was arguably a better use of his time than issuing so many pointless judicial reviews, the case was nonetheless thrown out this week, and Jolyon lost again. Quite why the claimants relied on a man who regularly dumps his own sewage in the laps of the courts is beyond Guido.

Reacting to the news, Jolyon described the loss as (yet another) “disappointing outcome”, although luckily in this instance the GLP didn’t have to crowdfund for it:

“There’s no doubt about it, this is a disappointing outcome. As we were interveners in the case, the next steps are for the Manchester Ship Canal Company, the claimant, to make. If they decide to appeal the case to the Supreme Court, we will consider intervening again to ensure the Court is provided with the crucial context as to the importance of these issues…We are very grateful for the support we have received on this case from our legal team.. [meaning] we did not need to crowdfund to cover the costs of this intervention.

At least he didn’t have to flush his own fans’ cash down the toilet this time…

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Jolyon’s Good Law Project Sits on Millions While Refusing Refunds to Backers

Co-conspirators are well aware with the business model of the Good Law Project, which gets their loyal, wealthy and deluded supporters to stump up hundreds of thousands for no-hope cases, only to refuse refunds when they lose or judges throw the case out. Last month their 2021-22 annual report painted a picture of financial jeopardy, warning their “legal defence fund” will run out if their spate of losses continues:

“In summary, we have estimated potential net liabilities of £3.2 million across our litigation portfolio against our Legal Defence Fund of £2.0 million.”

Last week, however, the GLP submitted their accounts to Companies House, spelling out quite a different fiscal picture. For the year ending 31 January 2022*, the project was sat on nearly £5.5 million of cash reserves, with net assets of over £4 million. Up almost three times 2021’s £1.43 million figure:

If the Good Law Project is genuinely concerned about quality governance, rather than just acting as a cash cow, perhaps they should put their own ample money where their mouth is next time they launch legal action against the government…

*To be fair to Jolyon, he has endured a substantial number of losses since this date.

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Jolyon’s “Legal Defence Fund” Will Run Out if Losses Continue

Jolyon has published the Good Law Project’s (GLP) long-awaited annual report for 2021-22. The good news for Jolyon is he’s raked in a record number of donations, with “at least 61,445 people” throwing their money down the drain in the past year. The bad news is if the GLP lose all their impending cases at their usual rate, they’ll have to break into their emergency war chest:

“In summary, we have estimated potential net liabilities of £3.2 million across our litigation portfolio against our Legal Defence Fund of £2.0 million. However, we do not expect to fight and lose all these cases in our portfolio and, as they are ongoing, we expect to be able to fundraise further as the litigation progresses.”

They ended the year with £2.1 million in general reserves, which they claim is used “to provide working capital and allow us to seize opportunities and weather operational setbacks“. The £2 million they’ve earmarked for legal fights won’t cover the potential total cost of their losses, so Jolyon will have to raid his war chest if things continue to go south. Jolyon’s track record of losing 81% of his cases may not assure donors that the GLP is in good shape, and there’s nothing to worry about. Still, as he points out, he’s relying on more patrons parting with their money…

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Jolyon Falsely Takes Credit for Met Probe Again, Launches Another Legal Crusade

Right on cue, Jolyon and his learned friends are embarking on another judicial review crusade, this time against the Met. He may have previously promised the Good Law Project (GLP) would stop doing this so much, owing to “eye-watering costs” and the number of judges telling him to stop wasting their time, though he’s clearly changed his mind. Old habits die hard.

Teaming up with Adam Wagner and former Met chief-turned-LibDem Brian Paddick, the GLP announced today they were initiating preliminary legal proceedings against the Met over their “failure” to adequately investigate Boris over Partygate. In other words, to not help them achieve their desired political outcome…

“We invite the Met to confirm it will rectify its failures to investigate the Prime Minister’s participation in the Three Gatherings, or provide us with its reasons so we can assess the lawfulness of its refusal. Unless it does, and we have given it 14 days to comply, we will begin further judicial review proceedings.”

Self-professed Covid law expert Adam Wagner proving he’s not at all bitter about the PM receiving only one fine…

Jolyon is also still pretending he’s responsible for the Met’s investigation in the first place, even though the Met have made it perfectly clear he had nothing to do with it:

“For the avoidance of doubt the recent decision was not caused in any way by the instant judicial review claim

“Second, and significantly, the decision of 8 December 2021 was never a final decision. The Defendant made clear to the claimant… that if new information came to light, in particular as a result of the investigations being carried out on behalf of the Cabinet Office by Sue Gray, then the Defendant would decide afresh whether to open an investigation into the alleged gatherings… That is precisely what happened in this case… 

This claim was always premature. Despite that fact being made clear the Claimant still chose to issue this claim. 

Surely this time he’ll finally knock out a win. £4.4 million down, 81% of cases lost… things can only get better.

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