Gullible Crowdfunders Waste Their Money Again

Jolyon has lost again. Badly. Jolyon’s legal bid arguing the Brexit deal was unlawful has been rejected by a judge sitting at the Court of Session who concluded “that the petitioner’s applications for interim orders are misconceived and unjustified. They have no or at best a weak prima facie case.” Which is legalese for “this is a load of cobblers”…

Read the full opinion here.

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Jolyon Going to Court Friday to Stop Deal

Jolyon Maugham is at it again, this time he wants to stop Britain leaving with a deal. He has just tweeted “I intend to lodge an immediate petition for an injunction in the Court of Session preventing the Government from placing the Withdrawal Agreement before Parliament for approval. We expect that petition to be lodged tomorrow and to be heard on Friday.”

He believes the Government’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement is contrary to section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018. Guido is no legal genius, even so it seems obvious that the government will, if need be, as part of the deal’s legislative package amend this Act. That is pretty obvious. So why is he grandstanding pointlessly?

Could it be that he is addicted to the attention? Guess what, he’s going to need more money again from a crowdfunder…

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Remainer Court Challenge To Force Boris to Send Extension Letter Fails

Edinburgh’s Court of Session has dismissed a legal challenge that was attempting to more concretely force Boris Johnson to send a letter to the EU requesting another Article 50 extension at the end of this month. The Judge decided it is “neither necessary nor appropriate” to force the Government’s hand.

This effort in the latest legal war of attrition against the Government was yet again led by Twitter-Remainer-lawyer Jolyon Maugham, who took to Twitter to explain his loss.

Naturally, Remainers have not accepted the result and are appealing the decision. True to type…

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Jolyon Admits to Having Government Mole

Guido’s favourite remainiac QC, Jolyon Maugham, made an interesting admission on BBC Radio 5 Live last night, revealing that he has a mole inside Government alerting him to what the defence’s thinking was during the prorogation case.

Jolyon Maugham “I’ve got a very good source who has been pretty consistently right all the way through this process”

Tony Livesey “A mole?”

JM “If you like.”

TL “Oh okay this is interesting so you’ve had someone from within the higher levels of the government leaking you information about their case?”

JM “Er… well… the the the, these things are never quite that direct, but um, errrrrr I’ve got a I’ve got pretty good information let me just leave it at that.”

Presenter Tony Livesey then voiced what leavers have been thinking for a long time. “There are sections of the establishment, the Remain establishment, who are trying to smother Brexit. Now hearing that there was a source in the Government feeding you lines, feeding you their case effectively.” Leak inquiries have been started over less…

Aside from his mole, Jolyon has had some curious foresight in terms of breaking news stories about leaks from court papers. Oddly he sent this tweet two hours before the story was published by Sky News. How would he have known..?

Jolyon then retweeted his wife saying “Revenge of the girly swots.” Interestingly the embarrassing “girly swots” leak was broken by the same journalist who obtained un-redacted copies of redacted papers that would only have been previously seen by a small group of lawyers. Curiouser and curiouser…

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Jolyon Loses to Grimes… Again

Notorious Twitter lawyer and ‘#FBPE‘ cult leader, Jolyon Maugham, has lost yet another court case against Darren Grimes. The appeal was heard by the highest judge in the land who maintained Darren’s BeLeave campaign was separate to the Vote Leave campaign, the Electoral Commission was wrong, and the house of cards they built on their error has collapsed.

The latest defeat for Jolyon, which was heard on the July 4, coming only two months after Jolyon tweeted about Darren saying “I feel sorry for him”repeatedly attempting to litigate against him is a funny way of showing it…

Read the full ruling below…

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Northern Irish High Court Rules Hard Brexit Does Not Break Belfast Agreement

Yesterday’s pro-Brexit ruling in Northern Ireland thoroughly dismissed a Remainer case attempting to make No Deal illegal – by arguing it would damage the Northern Ireland peace process. In his judgement Lord Justice McCloskey thoroughly slapped down the spurious arguments that the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement hinges on membership of the European Union, or even regulatory alignment with it…

“Neither NIA 1998 nor the international treaty scheduled to the Belfast Agreement (or, for that matter, the Agreement itself) has the effect in law of requiring the continued membership of the EU on the part of the UK.

The Supreme Court was alert to this in Miller: see [129]. Furthermore, none of the sources mentioned subjects the EU 27 to conclude an Article 50 Withdrawal Agreement in any particular terms.”

“Once again, neither the Belfast Agreement nor this suite of provisions was predicated on the basis that UK membership of the EU would continue forever. Neither of them can be construed as requiring a customs Union or continued regulatory alignment. More fundamentally, there is no sufficient evidential foundation for the incompatibility asserted. There is no suggestion that the incompatibility has already materialised”

This expert ruling will come as sad news to some of Guido’s Remoaner friends, who have repeatedly, erroneously, argued that it does:

The man who tells us all ‘How To Be Right’ getting it wrong…

Maybe stick to comedy mate…

Spoken with such confidence, just a shame its completely inaccurate

The Twitter Lawyer is wrong again. Awkward…

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