Times Radio’s Tech Botch Accidentally Aired Foul-Mouthed Sex Pistol’s Tirade

In October, Times Radio invited Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten for a discussion about his career with host Mariella Frostrup. It got derailed when Rotten ventured on a foul-mouthed tirade, abruptly leaving the interview after Frostrup brought up Primal Scream vocalist Bobby Gillespie – all of which was aired in full, uncensored, to the Times Radio audience:

“This could be a lovely interview, but frankly I can’t be f***ed with yah. F**k off…You’re talking s**t…”

Apparently the reason Times Radio didn’t censor the rant was because they don’t have a “dump” button, unlike other broadcasters, which allows the producers to wipe out any inappropriate content by airing on a short time delay. Guido hears Times Radio “don’t believe they need one”. 

Other than a couple of tweets on the day of airing, Rotten’s rant didn’t get much pickup at all in any gossip columns or on social media. Turns out having no listeners can be a benefit…

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