Fatherly Advice for Suspended David Prescott

The Mirror reveals this morning that David Prescott, Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet liason aide, has been suspended from the Labour Party. Fortunately the Mirror have a columnist who knows how he would sort out the sex pest scandal, his father, John Prescott. Currently David is suffering his suspension in silence…

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Prezza’s Boris BBC Bias Bunkum

Here is John Prescott complaining that the BBC has not covered Boris Johnson’s car crash interview conducted by the BBC’s Eddie Mair on BBC Radio 4. You can listen to Boris’ Diane Abbott moment, courtesy of the BBC, below. It is the third-most watched clip on the BBC website this morning.


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Prescott Attacks Everyone

Full list of subjects of his wrath:

Calm down…

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Prezza Smacks Down David Miliband

“We’ve gone through that period. The Miliband period is now gone”

No Jags had declared that David Miliband should “shut up”…

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No Jags: Speeding Prezza Banned From Driving

John Prescott has been banned from driving for six months after being caught doing 60 in a 50 MPH zone in Lincolnshire. He already had 9 points…

The former Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions told the Hull Daily Mail:

“I committed an offence, I’m not arguing. I’ve been involved in bringing speeding legislation in and I have to face the consequences but that’s life and you can’t have any excuse. At the end of the day, that’s it, you’re suspended.”

He was in a Jag…

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Ian Hislop v Prezza and “Problems With His Private Life”

Prezza looked like he was going to punch him…

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