Rishi on Cost of Net Zero: “You Can’t Put a Single Figure On It”

Rishi Sunak’s just wrapped up his fringe event with the IEA and the TPA. It was a far-reaching conversation, although Guido doubts he was alone in coming away feeling apprehensive: a lot of eloquent chatter about why raising national insurance was right and necessary (explaining that NI’s historic link to healthcare made it the “least worst option“, especially given it “spreads the burden” on businesses), though also with an implicit warning that it could take several years before any significant tax cuts are possible. Asked by the IEA’s Mark Littlewood if the earliest chance of a tax cut was 2050, Rishi insisted that was “pretty pessimistic” – small mercies…

There was also a question about the cost of net zero by the mid-century, to which Rishi claimed “you can’t put a single figure on it…it’s an ambitious target”, adding that “innovation” was also crucial to hitting that target – not just spending. He did, at least, also reinforce that the upcoming spending review will force government departments to judge spending targets by outcomes. Every little helps…

You might be wondering why politically-savvy Rishi, who’s just put taxes up, chose to go into the lion’s den of the IEA/TPA as his only fringe reception of the conference. Could it be that a tax hiking Chancellor with leadership ambitions needs to make friends with the tax cutting, small government wing of the party?

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Pickpockets of the BBC

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, says:

“The Beeb is now taking baby steps in tackling top salaries. But these BBC pay packets are picked from the pockets of pensioners and taxpayers, who are fed up of the licence fee full stop. This is a move in the right direction, but it’s high time we axed the TV tax and stopped taxpayers’ money going to these media millionaires.”

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LIVE with LITTLEWOOD – the show that brings you free-rolling discussion and debate on the issues that matter – is back.

In tonight’s programme:

  • Can Joe Biden fix the disunited States?
  • When should ‘unlockdown’ begin?
  • With Brexit done, will Boris Johnson reshape the UK as ”the Singapore of Europe”?

Host MARK LITTLEWOOD will be joined by guests from Washington DC to Westminster and beyond, including:  The Times’ Science Editor TOM WHIPPLE; the Institute of Directors’ ALLIE RENISON; the Adam Smith Institute’s MATT KILCOYNEJOHN O’CONNELL of the TaxPayers’ Alliance; Guido Fawkes’ CHRISTIAN CALGIE; political adviser and commentator CALVIN ROBINSON; Free the People CEO TERRY KIBBE; and the scourge of the nanny state, the IEA’s CHRISTOPHER SNOWDON.

Join in the debate, LIVE – TONIGHT at 6PM – here or on YouTube.

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LIVE at 6PM!

On tonight’s LIVE with LITTLEWOOD:

  • Boris Johnson’s conference speech – Will his wind farms turbocharge Britain?  Or is it just hot air?
  • The Chancellor’s Choices  how Rishi Sunak could avoid tax rises and boost the UK economy
  • The Covid fiasco – how were 16,000 C-19 cases lost on Excel? And can central planning ever work?

Host Mark Littlewood will be joined by the Spectator’s Kate Andrews; Conservative MP Philip Davies; the DUP’s Sammy Wilson MP; the New Statesman’s Stephen BushJohn O’Connell from the Taxpayers’ Alliance; the Adam Smith Institute’s Matt Kilcoyne and president-elect of the Oxford Union, James Price.

 Join us LIVE for the issues that matter – TONIGHT at 6PM – HERE or on YouTube.

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The schools are back. MPs are back.  But, more importantly, Live with Littlewood is back!

Tonight at 6 pm, the IEA’s Mark Littlewood will be joined by a stellar cast of journalistscommentators and think tankers to discuss and debate the hot issues of the week.

Guests include activist, blogger, columnist and founder of Conservative Home, Tim Montgomerie, commentator and journalist Tom Harwood, Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill and award winning author Helen Dale

They’ll also be joined by Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice, vlogger Mahyar Tousi, the Cato Institute’s Ryan BourneJohn O’Connell, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, and author and scourge of the nanny state, Christopher Snowdon.

They’ll be asking whether Boris Johnson’s government is making the grade, discussing what’s next for Brexit, examining the future of the BBC and surveying the Dis-united States of America.

All that, plus a look at the shape of Rishi Sunak’s upcoming budget and an assessment of the shortcomings of Public Health England and the World Health Organization during the pandemic.

Join in the debate – LIVE at 6 – here or on YouTube.

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It’s a year since Boris Johnson first entered Downing Street.

He’s won an election, steered Brexit and had a brush with death.  He’s also shut down the nation and faced criticism over aspects of the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Tonight’s Live with Littlewood puts Boris under the spotlight.

Join host Mark Littlewood as he and a stellar panel of broadcasters, journalists, commentators and think tankers discuss Boris: Hero or Zero?

They’ll also turn their attentions to the mounting tensions between East and West.  Are Russian agents acting with impunity in the UK?  And will this push us ever closer to a new cold war?

And – assuming they’re allowed – they’ll discuss cancel culture.  Is it the new freedom of expression – or a threat to free speech?

Taking part in tonight’s free-rolling programme are Times columnist Iain MartintalkRADIO’s Mike Graham, award-winning author and comedian Leo Kearse and the Spectator’s China reporter Cindy Yu.

They’ll be joined by City AM’s Rachel Cunliffe, ConservativeHome’s Mark Wallace, political journalist Benedict SpenceJohn O’Connell of the Taxpayers’ Alliance and IEA author and historian Dr. Stephen Davies.

JOIN IN THE DEBATE – LIVE at 6.00 p.m. – HERE or on YouTube.

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