Ex-GB News Editorial Director John McAndrew Joins BBC

TV veteran John McAndrew has bagged a top new gig at the BBC as the broadcaster’s new Director of News Programmes, starting in the new year. McAndrew joins after a stint as the launch editor for Andrew Neil’s Channel 4 show, and before that, GB News’s first Editorial Director and Director of Programming. He quit GB News in July 2021, following reported clashes with the top brass over the ideological direction of the channel…

Announcing the move today, BBC News CEO Deborah Turness said:

“John is a hugely creative talent, with excellent editorial judgement. He’s a leading programme innovator who has a deep understanding of how to connect with audiences, and will ensure they get the value they deserve from BBC News. It’s wonderful to welcome him back to the BBC.”

McAndrew worked at the BBC early in his career, so it’s something of a homecoming. Still, it’ll probably ruffle some lefty feathers…

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GB News Appoints Temporary Replacement for Latest Resignee

Yet more GB News reshuffle news as they appoint Nick Pollard as their new director of editorial, to fill the gap left by John McAndrew who left over disagreements over the editorial direction of the channel. Pollard is a temporary replacement coming in to “take a leadership role in the channel’s output” while they look to fill the position on a permanent basis.

“Nick was Head of Sky News for ten years and before that, a highly experienced television journalist and executive producer for ITN’s News at Ten.

He has also chaired the Ofcom content board and previously led an inquiry into the BBC’s coverage of allegations of sexual abuse by the late broadcaster Jimmy Savile.

In his new role Nick will be working closely with programme teams to continue the development and improvement of our output in the absence of Director of News and Programmes John McAndrew who is leaving the company.

Nick comes with the finest journalistic pedigree and has exceptional insight across our industry, from the newsroom to the regulator.

Since joining us in March Nick has been a highly valued advisor to journalists and executives at GB News and I’m really delighted he has agreed to take up this mantle.”

Pollard also was involved in the launch of Forces TV, the dedicated channel for the armed forces. McAndrew – who had been considered the second-in-command – left after being told to dial down focus on local reporting and free debate “in favour of full-blooded culture war topics”, according to the not always reliable, Guardian

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Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Matthew Versus John

As virtue-signalling social media warriors threaten to boycott GB News, Matthew Stadlen, presenter at the How To Academy, took to Twitter to diss the channel. In a tweet that now has 1,000 likes, Stadlen sarcastically asks:

“Is GB News a spoof station?”

John McAndrew, Director of News and Programmes at GB News was quick to interject and point out that Matthew had actually applied for a presenting role at the channel “on several occasions”. Guido wonders if Stadlen’s scolding criticism have anything to do with his rejection...  

Stadlen lamely defended himself saying he was relieved his application had been ignored so he didn’t have to be “part of the embarrassment.” However, it was all too little too late as the damage had been done… 

Stadlen, frustrated that his response wasn’t getting enough attention decided to quote tweet McAndrew’s and respond to him for the second time in a row. Smells like desperation…

Stadlen, desperately trying (and failing) to reclaim his dignity tweeted:

“When I sent you my CV in January, John, I had no idea that GB News would become a national joke within its first week on air”.

The joke is on Stadlen… 

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