John Humphrys’ “Today Matters for Tomorrow” Sign Off

After 32 years, the veteran broadcaster signed off his final edition of the Today Programme. Listen to it here…

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What the Humphrys Saw

Guido understands that Nick Robinson decided that he was very interested in what was on his computer monitor rather than the studio guest during this morning’s interview with Dr Victoria Bateman. The eccentric naked Remainiac campaigner called on Jacob Rees-Mogg to debate her naked. Over to you Jacob…

UPDATE: We now have video…

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Humphrys Blows DD Interview

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Humphrys: I Can’t Explain My £650,000 Salary

John Humphrys on his £650,000-a-year salary: “I’m not sure I could explain it”. Mishal Husain is on a third of that, think she’d like an explanation…

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John Humphrys Does Trainspotting

Continuing today’s Ewan McGregor theme

By Mark Wallace
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Osborne Asked: “What’s a Bloke Got to Do in Your job to Get the Sack?”

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A very tetchy few minutes for George Osborne as John Humphrys asks him again and again why he has missed his debt targets, and then the killer: “What’s a bloke got to do in your job to get the sack?” Osborne’s get-out for missing his surplus target by 2020? The commitment is that he will only meet that target “in normal times”…

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