Bercow’s Titanic Ego

The Sun’s leader column skewers the Speaker:

“a man so painfully self-centred he would have been in the first lifeboat off the Titanic”

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Blunt’s Bercow EDM Published

“That this House notes that Erskine May states that “The chief characteristics attaching to the office of Speaker in the House of Commons are authority and impartiality”; further notes that it states that “Confidence in the impartiality of the Speaker is an indispensable condition of the successful working of procedure, and many conventions exist which have as their object not only to ensure the impartiality of the Speaker but also to ensure that his impartiality is generally recognised”; believes that it is impossible for this House to sustain belief in the impartiality of the right hon. Member for Buckingham; and therefore has no confidence in the Speaker.”

MPs can sign it here.

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Another Benn Coup Rejected after Commons Vote Tied

The Commons remarkably tied – the first time since votes over Maastricht 26 years ago – with MPs split 310-310 over whether to allow Hilary Benn to take over Parliament again next week. Because all the previous times have worked so well…

To the surprise of many, Bercow actually cast his deciding vote against the coup – as convention to back the ‘status quo’ option strictly dictated he should do. Bercow himself acknowledged the principle for the Speaker “not to create a majority that does not otherwise exist”. Brexit never ceases to surprise…

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Bercow’s Modern Minor Genital

The Speaker is becoming increasingly theatrical…

He is the very model of a modern minor genital,
His exclamations patronising, animal, imperial,
He is the Prince of Parliament, he quotes debates historical,
From Erskine May to made-up way, in order quite dishonourable.

G Fawkes, 2019.
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Bercow Stitches Up Parliamentary Votes Yet Again

John Bercow has cooked up yet another Speaker’s Stitch-Up Special with his selections for tonight’s second batch of indicative votes tonight. Bercow selected only four Remainer motions for MPs to vote on tonight. They are more or less identical to the ones which were all rejected just five days ago:

  • C (Clarke) – Customs Union – already rejected 272-264
  • D (Boles) – Common Market 2.0 – already rejected 283-188
  • E (Kyle) – Second referendum – already rejected 295-268
  • G (Cherry) – Revoke Article 50  already rejected 293-184

Bercow refused to allow any Brexiteer motions including John Baron’s Motion A on a unilateral right of exit from the backstop. Despite this previously securing a majority in the Commons in the form of the Brady Amendment.

To be fair Joanna Cherry’s is slightly different from the one rejected last time. It now also contains the bonkers provisions of launching a formal public inquiry to come up with a new kind of Brexit, which might then be put to the public in a second referendum to give the Government permission to re-trigger Article 50 and try to re-negotiate it with the EU months or even years down the line. If it sounds mad it’s because it is – it was literally written by Jolyon Maugham

Bercow is now busy tying himself in knots trying to explain why he refused to allow the Government to use a secondary motion to bring back a Meaningful Vote, but will allow Hilary Benn and Oliver Letwin’s secondary motion to bring back identical Indicative Votes twice in just four sitting days. Of all the institutions which have lost the public’s trust over their attempts to subvert Brexit, none have been damaged more than the Office of the Speaker…

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Bercow: “I Positively Salivated” Over Meeting School Children

Weird phrasing…

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