Commons Broke Tradition to Deny Bercow Automatic Peerage

The first thing the Commons did after John Bercow’s speakership appointment in June 2009 was agree that a humble address be presented to the Queen, asking for a peerage for the previous speaker Michael Martin. As is tradition…

This time around, however, no such humble address was called for with regards to John Bercow either on Monday or Tuesday night. Could it be that Bercow will become the first speaker in modern times to not receive ennoblement..?

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John Bercow Reveals His Views on Europe

John Bercow finally makes his view on Brexit known.

“Brexit is the biggest mistake of this country after the war. I respect PM Johnson but Brexit doesn’t help us. It’s better to be part of the [EU] power bloc.”

What a surprise…

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Bercow Launches New Speaking Career Before Replacement Even Elected

Bercow spent the final few weeks of his career doing a number of US media interviews, but shying away from external speaking events here at home. That’s all set to change now…

Today a co-conspirator received an email from JLA – the UK’s biggest conference and after-dinner speaker agency – advertising their newest client Mr John Bercow at 4.50pm. Just as MPs began voting on Bercow’s replacement…

Guido isn’t yet aware of the former speaker’s going rate, but according to JLA’s website, if he isn’t available similar replacements include Alastair Campbell, Guy Verhofstadt and Lord Adonis. You’ll certainly get the same Brexit speech…

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Mogg Suggests Bercow Will Be Given Peerage

Speaking on LBC’s Ring Rees Mogg, the Leader of the Commons struck a far more emollient tone than in recent weeks with regard to Bercow being given a peerage. Looks like the Tories are set to recommend that the Queen gives him one. The Tories haven’t even launched their campaign yet and they are U-Turning already…

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Bridgen Saves Savage Bitchfight for Bercow’s Last Day

Extraordinary scenes in the House of Commons earlier saw John Bercow launch into a lengthy tirade against Andrew Bridgen after the Leicestershire MP spoke of Bercow’s responses to his numerous complaints against Keith Vaz. A red-faced Bercow suffered humiliation after finishing his six-minute tirade against Bridgen, when it was revealed had he allowed the MP to finish he would have been praised…

The tetchy exchange continued as friend-of-Vaz Bercow slowly steamed in his chair. Well worth a watch…

UPDATE: Bridgen has commented on Twitter:

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Bercow’s Candid Last Day at Work Photoshoot

John Bercow was pictured arriving at work this morning by PA in the kind of candid, natural shots that we all indulge in on our final day job commute.

The only flaw in his plan was that Bercow lives in Speaker’s House… in the Palace of Westminster – meaning he had to first leave his place of work to be featured in the snaps heading back in – a 1627% longer journey. The whole thing is just a faked up performance for the cameras… perfectly appropriate ending.

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