BBC Struggles to Spin for Biden

For any Brits who keenly remember the Partygate saga, the story coming out of America will bring out a wave of nauseating déjà vu: a centre-left leader making great political capital out of a lapse of standards by his blonde populist opponent, only to get hoisted on his own petard. President Biden now faces his own Beer Korma headache, as it emerges from Washington that he himself possessed two batches of classified government records in private offices. While Trump is facing an investigation for allegedly mishandling similarly classified files…

While the second document discovery proves embarrassing for the White House, it’s proving equally awkward for Aunty Beeb, who are clearly struggling to keep up with the rapidly developing nature of the story.

On January 10th – before the second batch of files were uncovered – the BBC wrote an explainer attempting to downplay the story, “Why the Biden-Trump classified documents cases are different”.

A day later, the 11th, that had been changed to “How the Biden-Trump classified documents cases are different”. No other adjustments were made to that copy.

Yesterday however, that all changed. The article was amended for a third time, this time with the headline “How the Biden and Trump classified documents cases compare”. The article also revised its analysis that the discovery of documents “had the potential to be a political headache”. 

Following the discovery, this was updated to:

“The revelation that aides to Joe Biden discovered classified documents as they were moving boxes out of the president’s Washington-based think tank offices already had the potential to be a political headache.

Now a second batch has been found in a garage at his Delaware home, the embarrassment will deepen further.”

All news outlets struggle to nail down details during breaking news, though the BBC might’ve spared itself some embarrassment had they been less keen to spin for the Democrats in the first place. Readers are also offered no indication that the article has ever been updated. Tut tut…

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Facebook Blocks Speccie Joke at Biden’s Expense

Unlike Elon’s Twitter, Facebook has no such love of free speech. Today the Spectator attempted its usual practice of running their latest front cover as an advert. This week’s cover takes a light-hearted pop at Joe Biden; captioned “Six more years” it has an elderly President holding up five fingers. Pretty mild by The Speccie’s standards…

Facebook has, however, decided to block the advert. Even on an appeal, on the basis they’re a political magazine, the social media site rejected the advert.

As editor Fraser Nelson points out, it appears that splashes aimed at Trump, Boris and Truss – to name just a few – are fine. Biden appears to be a protected character. Unfortunately for the Spectator, the recent Steerpike article entitled ‘The tragic embarrassment of Sir Nick Clegg’ won’t help their cause…

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WATCH: Rishi Teaches Biden How to Pronounce His Name

Another slick video montage from Rishi this morning – just like his days in Number 11.

Guido couldn’t help noticing how clearly he enunciated his own name during his first call with Joe Biden. Wonder why

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WATCH: Biden Congratulates Rishi, Mispronounces His Name

Politicians and leaders of all stripes are congratulating Rishi on becoming the UK’s first non-white Prime Minister. Politics aside, it’s an achievement that reflects well on the country, as Joe Biden rightly recognises here. Getting his name right is the least you’d expect, obviously…

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Boris Finally Makes it up to Wilf

While we all keenly await Boris’s memoirs from his time in No. 10, it’s a shame Wilf will be too young to remember any of it. His time living in the No. 10 flat has seen a £100,000 gilded renovation, a SpAd break his slide during one of Downing Street’s many drunken parties, and a row as Boris tried building him a £150,000 treehouse at Chequers. Finally, however, it looks like Boris has been able to make it up to his boy. Transparency releases published last week, while we hacks were distracted by the leadership campaign, show the PM purchased a gift from Joe and Jill Biden:

The story behind this bicycle dates from last June, when the President gave Boris a $10,000 custom-made bike, branded with the Union Jack, at the G7 meeting. The ‘US-UK Friendship Bike’ also came with a matching flag-branded helmet. The same month Boris ordered Wilf an identical tricycle to match his new bike. Bilenky Cycle Works in Philadelphia prioritised the build, saying “when your country calls, you answer.”

“There didn’t seem to be a formal handing over ceremony, but I got a phone call from the State Department saying it had been really well received. Then they asked if I could make a matching bike, but this time for a child,” 

“She said that it would be for Boris’s son, who is currently only one, but it would be for him to grow into.”

Wilf’s grandad, Stanley, commented at the time “I think it’s brilliant. I love the idea behind the bike [Boris] was given and I love the idea of a tricycle.” It now looks Wilf took delivery of the gift slightly too late for Christmas in January this year. Unfortunately for little sister Romy, a designer baby carrier gifted to the PM by Baby Bjorn was not purchased by Boris, and will be held by the department…

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Biden Calls Putin a Genocidal Dictator… While Covered in Bird Poo

Biden made a major diplomatic intervention during a speech in the US last night, in which he spoke about the inflation crisis hitting Americans and boldly said “Your family budget, your ability to fill up a tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away”. Unfortunately for the White House this latest ramping up of rhetoric was slightly undermined by the large quantity of bird mess adorning the President’s lapel throughout the speech…

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