Scottish Parliament Evicts Women for Choice of Clothes

If you’re wondering how free speech is coping up north in the United Socialist Scottish Republic, today a member of the public wearing a suffragette-coloured scarf (purple, green and white) was kicked out of a Holyrood select committee for breaching rules on “political” colours. All while MSPs wear LGBT rainbow lanyards…

Another woman wearing the purple, cream and white, pictured above left, was also asked to leave the room. When this issue was raised by an MSP, the chair suspended the sitting so they could talk about this momentous matter in private.

SNP’s Joanna Cheery slammed the decision to kick the women out, tweeting “It seems no rule has been broken so this woman should be readmitted or the @scotparl could face a claim of discrimination on the grounds of belief, particularly where MSPs are permitted to wear rainbow colours. This is not my Scotland.”

Making this particularly awkward is the fact Nicola Sturgeon herself has posed in Holyrood for a purple, white and green theme photo before…

The gift shop themselves sell suffragette-branded items…

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SNP MPs Sick of Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Campaigning

The race for the Foreign Affairs Committee Chairmanship ends this afternoon, and by the looks of things a good number of MPs will be glad when it’s over. A parliamentary co-conspirator sent Guido this picture, taken outside the offices of the SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford and Joanna Cherry. They’ve finally had enough, and stuck up a notice gently asking colleagues to stop bothering them so much:

“We have received a sufficient number of leaflets regarding the forthcoming election of the chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Thank you.”

Apparently Liam Fox sent three flyers in one day, while Iain Duncan Smith personally posted flyers to every office in PCH this morning. This might end up being a waste of paper anyway: the word in parliament is Alicia Kearns may be about to pull off a surprise victory…

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Trans Rights Row Erupts at SNP Conference

It’s the first day of the SNP’s annual conference and it’s already going off the rails: members of the SNP’s LGBTQ+ wing Out for Independence have written a public letter to Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford demanding they remove the SNP whip from Joanna Cherry following her comments on conversion therapy. They’re also calling for an investigation into transphobia within the party…

The letter accuses Cherry of making multiple “transphobic statements”, and points to a tweet earlier this month where Cherry claimed:

“We must not make it a criminal offence for therapists to try to help patients with gender dysphoria to feel comfortable in their birth sex.”

This, according to Out for Independence, amounts to Cherry calling for “conversion therapy aimed at transgender people to be exempt [from a ban] and that legislation on conversion therapy in general must be paused”… 

In a later newspaper column, Joanna clarified her views:

“Of course I’m against conversion therapy. What I want to preserve is therapy for young girls who are gender confused. Please ignore the distortions & the witch hunt…I am concerned that young women, particularly those who may be lesbians, should be offered alternatives to such drastic medical pathways, and that their teachers, parents and therapists should not be threatened with prison and fines for discussing these options with them.”

The activists, some of whom are also members of the Scottish Greens, have insisted that the National Secretary investigate Cherry for all this after the whip is withdrawn. So much for ignoring “the distortions and the witch hunt”…

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Joanna Cherry Sacked from SNP Front Bench

The SNP’s shadow home office and justice spokesperson in the Commons, Joanna Cherry, has announced via Twitter she has been sacked from the party’s front bench. Whilst Sturgeon’s motivation for the dismissal has not yet emerged, Cherry stands opposed to the party’s leadership on the two biggest rows at the moment: defending Salmond in the ongoing civil war; and causing headaches for Sturgeon in the trans rights row. Just yesterday, Cherry blocked fellow SNP MP – and former deputy leader in Westminster – Kirsty Blackman over a trans rights row…

UPDATE: Perhaps the Salmond row is at the heart of this sacking after all: Tom Gordon points out “the only SNP MPs without a role in the new Westminster line-up are the three closest to Alex Salmond – Joanna Cherry, Angus MacNeil and Kenny MacAskill”

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The Hunt for the New Advocate General

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland was sat on the steps of the throne in the Lords yesterday as Ken Clarke was introduced to the Chamber. He looked uneasy when the clerk read the letters patent out describing the new member as an “expert in the law”. There are serious doubts the Government will be able to look to the current Red Benches for a new Scottish Advocate General…

One keen senior Scottish Tory tells Guido “it’s a hugely prestigious role for an advocate so there won’t be a shortage of applicants!” Guido understands there is a chronic shortage of applicants. 

The SNP’s Joanna Cherry is waltzing around the corridors of power telling anyone who will listen no one in Edinburgh will accept it. It’s expected that in the short term this is probably true. Lord Keen, after all, resigned and he had been Chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party from 2014-15. The Government is in no rush, and will likely not be recruiting until the country is past Internal Market Bill contentions. The only name currently doing the rounds is Gavin MacColl QC. Don’t expect an announcement of fast-track peerage soon…

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Boris Can Prorogue Parliament Says Scottish Judge

Boris’s planned prorogation of Parliament is lawful, says judge at the highest court in Scotland. Another defeat for QC Jolyon and Joanna Cherry MP.

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