Jess Phillips Resignation Watch

Back in March, Jess Phillips gave an interview to the Times all about herself (quelle surprise), in which she said she would “almost certainly” quit the “controlling, bullying, chaotic” Labour Party if Tom Watson did. Jess has always been thought of as an honest politician – the clock is ticking…

Following Watson’s resignation last night, former Blair and Brown adviser Theo Bertram points out a running theme amongst Gordon Brown’s former advisors-turned MPs:

All eyes on Miliband and Ashworth then…

Jess Phillips’ Boris Children Jibe

Jess Phillips Office Attacker Fined £207

Michael Roby – the man responsible for attacking Jess Phillips’s office a fortnight ago (or causing a disturbance, depending on which account you read) – has been fined £207 by a judge. Yardly the punishment Phillips will have been hoping for…

Bercow Breaks Another Rule

Bercow breaking the rules of Parliament has become a daily occurrence, and Guido has now been informed that Bercow has gone to the lengths of bending the laws of time and granting Urgent Questions even if they were submitted after the deadline. Is he auditioning for a new role in Dr Who when he leaves Parliament..?

Jess Phillips’ Urgent Question for Boris to make a statement ‘reflecting on his language and his role as the PM to create a safe environment both in the country and in our Parliament‘ was submitted after the 8.15am deadline and yet Bercow still granted it. Whilst this bending of Commons’ rules will be seen as unacceptable, Guido is sure readers will appreciate the irony of Jess ‘knife Corbyn in the front’ Phillips lecturing on moderate language…

Jess Phillips (£80,000-a-Year) Implies She Can’t Afford A Printer

Jess Phillips stood up in the House of Commons yesterday to declare she doesn’t own a printer and has to visit her mother-in-law every time she wants to print something. Right…

Philips charged the taxpayer £24,000 for her office costs last year. Is she seriously saying she couldn’t find a spare £20 for a printer? Perhaps she could have found it within her annual £80,000 MP salary, book royalties, or the up to £160,000 she paid her husband in staff expenses.

Last year Philips claimed £4,090.97 in travel expenses. Guido wonders if that includes the mileage of driving to her mother in law’s every time she wants to print something…

Lefties Declare War on “War”

It’s been less than a week of Boris as Prime Minister and lefty Remainers have already managed to contract Boris Derangement Syndrome to the degree of making utter laughing stocks of themselves. Over the phrase “war cabinet” used by Tim Shipman on Saturday night

Never mind the fact that “war cabinet” has been an entirely standard part of the political lexicon for years. And politics as a whole is called “campaigning”.

For those journalists struggling with the concept of metaphor, or historians struggling with recent history, Guido has compiled a handy guide to how to use war metaphors correctly in the eyes of the Twitterati:

Don’t they have any idea how insulting this is to people who have actually died?

The Absolute Boyfriend

Liz Truss: “I do think MPs like Jess who do believe in those values need to stand up against Jeremy Corbyn and dump him.”

Jess Phillips: “You’re making him sound like my boyfriend…”


Jess Phillips Threatens to Quit Labour Over Treatment of Sexual Harassment Victim

Not enough attention has been given to Labour’s dire handling of their sexual harassment allegations. It emerged last night that Labour HQ tried to make Ava Etemadzadeh‏ face live questions from her alleged harasser Kelvin Hopkins. Jess Phillips is threatening to quit the party over it:

Still no word on how long these never-ending investigations are going to take…

Parliament’s Senior Women Tell Bercow to Step Aside

John Bercow has spent half his Speakership boasting about how he was going to improve working conditions for women in parliament. Now the very women Bercow’s PR drive claimed he was defending want him to step aside over his bullying of female staff.

A cross-party group of senior female MPs is calling for him to suspend himself from his duties while he is investigated. Caroline Lucas is tabling an Urgent Question in the Commons today, she says: “I think at the very least he should withdraw from that decision and that the three deputy speakers might judge on that. There might also be a case for stepping back temporarily if an investigation is carried out”.

Jess Phillips, previously a Bercow fan, says: “clearly there has to be some kind of independent investigation. And it may be that he should consider stepping back until that has taken place”.

The Sunday Times reported Harriet Harman is considering moving against Bercow. It is significant that the anger against the Speaker isn’t just coming from the Duddrigde / Bridgen crowd – these are female MPs and Labour MPs on whom Bercow has previously relied on for support who now want him to step aside. Will Bercow listen to the women he claimed he would use his Speakership to protect?

Labour MPs Back Brendan Cox

Brendan Cox is “showing how he’s going to change” says Jess Phillips, while Lucy Powell says “good for” him for “reflecting”.

Compare and contrast with how they went after Toby Young over some tweets.

Top Ten Sweary MPs

According to the geeks at PoliMonitor Jess Phillips is the most foul-mouthed MP on Twitter:

  1. Jess Phillips (Labour) 39
  2. Angus MacNeil (SNP) 28
  3. Mike Gapes (Labour) 16
  4. Jonathan Reynolds (Labour) 12
  5. Dr Philippa Witford (SNP) 9
  6. Andrew Gwynne (Labour) 9
  7. Dawn Butler (Labour) 9
  8. Chris Bryant (Labour) 8
  9. Stella Creasy (Labour) 7
  10. Robert Syms (Conservative) 7

The SNP manage disproportionately to get 2 entries into the top 10, Robert Syms holds up the Tory end (just) in tenth place behind everyone’s favourite bit of posh profanity, Stella Creasy. The LibDems are nowhere to be seen. What does this tell us?

Jess on DD

Jess Phillips responds to reports that David Davis could resign in protest if Damian Green is sacked:

“What made you want to become an MP” “Great question, I really wanted to fight hard so people can wank at work”

Should Stephen Crabb Be An Honourable Member?

Jess Phillips says Stephen Crabb should be suspended from the party by Theresa May after he was caught (again) sexting a teenage girl. Is she wrong?

Harman Condemns “Inexcusable” Lewis B*tch Slur

[…] Read the rest


Labour Expels Loon Who Threatened Jess Phillips

Mouthy Momentum nut Nadeem Ahmed, who threatened to run a deselection campaign against Jess Phillips, has been expelled from the Labour Party. Ahmed had been falsely claiming that Phillips “is racist”, demanding she apologise or he would “start deselection process” and boasting “Momentum is powerful force”.[…] Read the rest


Loons Threaten to Deselect “Zionist” Jess Phillips

Jess Phillips is the latest Labour MP to bravely speak out about some members of the British-Pakistani community “having issues about women’s roles in a family, in society”. The response from the hard-left? Threatening to deselect her at the next election.[…] Read the rest


Absolute Sexism

Jess Phillips on the absolute sexism of the “Absolute Boys” on the Left…

“They [the left-wing men] are the worst, the actual worst. Men said they supported better female representation but, when it came to losing their own jobs, they would say, ‘Oh, you mean me?[…] Read the rest



Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jess Phillips star in a political version of Gogglebox on Sophy Ridge on Sunday. It sort of works…[…] Read the rest


“Bastards” Chuka, Stella and Jess Attacked at Corbyn Christmas Party

Chuka Umunna, Stella Creasy and Jess Phillips were attacked as “bastards” at Jeremy Corbyn’s less than festive Christmas party last night. Guido has obtained a covert recording of the “JC4PM Christmas bash” at Conway Hall, where the audience heard speeches from Corbyn and John McDonnell.[…] Read the rest


Jess Phillips on Shami

Who could Jess Phillips be talking about?

“It’s one thing to have privilege it’s another thing to use that privilege to buy more privilege and then complain about privilege”[…] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

Responding to Corbyn’s statement that the US should have arrested ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, John Mann bluntly tweeted:

Baghdadi blew himself up with a suicide belt. An arrest might have been slightly difficult in these circumstances.”


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