Paxo Tells May She’s “A Blowhard”

Paxman and Boulton Discuss Piles

Jeremy Paxman and Adam Boulton discuss piles live on Sky NewsAll Out Politics, 10am-11am Monday to Friday – all the top politics interviews…

Paxman on Life After Newsnight…

Jeremy Paxman on life after Newsnight

“My great discovery in the past year or so is that news doesn’t really matter.”

Campaign Report: 33 Days to Go

abbey road

Leave message: Paxman bashes the undemocratic and overly powerful EU.

Remain message: Luvvies love the EU (and its funding).

Cut through: Gove: staying in the EU will add five million to population.

Leave social media count: 384,616 likes, 43,262 followers.

Remain social media count: 407,140 likes, 28,970 followers.

Odds: Remain 2/9 Leave 3/1

Latest poll: Remain 52% (+8), Leave 41% (+1) (ComRes, phone). Poll of Polls is now Remain 55% (+2), Leave 45% (-2).

Legal Reasons for Piers v Paxman

Piers Morgan versus Jeremy Paxman…

“I currently harbour a visceral loathing for him for the way he tried to deliberately and disingenuously chuck me under the bus during the Leveson Inquiry into phone-hacking.
I can’t explain why at the moment, for legal reasons, but there will be a time when I can, and I will. Suffice it to say that I’ve publicly stuck it to him on Twitter and other media outlets every chance I’ve had since, and he’s clearly getting rattled. Here he was, the supposed great interrogatory Rottweiler of our time, crouched in front of me like some fawning, trembling knave begging the King for clemency.
‘Well,’ I replied, ‘you have a very strange way of showing it.’
Paxman erupted with comically indignant rage, his benign, smiling face suddenly crunching into the ferocious scowl of a scorned lover refused permission for a second chance.
‘OH DO F*** OFF!!!!!!’ he howled.
I watched him throwing his little tantrum for a second or two and then responded in kind: ‘No, YOU f*** off.'”

1992 Newsnight Deja Vu: Tories Behind in the Polls, Labour Bookies Favourites

Paxman and Bad Al Campbell feature in this heavily as do rudimentary graphics showing Labour winning. Kelner pontificating, Heffer pessimistic, pundits pessimistically shaking their heads at the Tory campaign. Where did it all go wrong is the theme of Paxman on Newsnight.


Hat-tip: Ed Stradling for digging out the video.


Panto Paxo

Jeremy Paxman confirms his whole act is based on a pantomime dame…

“Most people in this country just want to get on with their lives and have little or no interest in politics: politicians are about as welcome as the first nits of the school term. The aim of an interview is not drama, but to leave the viewer to make a judgment: to do this, the interviewer may sometimes have to play Widow Twankey…”

Crick Gets Paxo’d

See you at 9…

Paxo Lobs Debate Grenade

The inkies are turning on the broadcasters ahead of Thursday’s ‘debate’:

Guido predicts Labour will make lots of noise and nothing will happen. Much like their entire pre-debate strategy…

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Quote of the Day

Appearing on BBC Radio West Midlands this morning, the Prime Minister was asked: “What are you getting Carrie for Christmas?”

Boris: “I’m going to get Brexit done”


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