Corbyn Instagram Takeover Comic Has Links to Hamas

The comic who Jeremy Corbyn has chosen to take over his Instagram during the debate has gigged to raise money for Hamas. Tez Ilyas is the first name on the line up of a ‘Human Appeal‘ event this year. Human Appeal is an organisation with “a record of links with the terrorist group Hamas” according to the Telegraph, which notes that:

“Human Appeal was or is a member of the Union of Good, also known as the 101 Days Campaign, itself designated by the US Government (under both names) as a terrorist organisation created by the Hamas leadership “in order to facilitate the transfer of funds to Hamas.””

Human Appeal had “close links to Hamas” according to the FBI, and is banned by Israel as “part of Hamas’s fundraising network.” Ilyas fits right in with Corbyn’s friends…

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Corbyn Laughed at Over Antisemitism Claims

Even with this very clap-friendly audience, they couldn’t drown out the derisive laughter…

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Corbyn Claimed Jewish Newspapers in Victorian Era Made Jews “Powerful”

Speaking in 2017, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Jewish newspapers “kept them powerful, and kept them in a position to influence the politics of the environment they’re in.” The footage, uncovered by The Golem, shows that Corbyn singled out Jewish people as being uniquely “powerful” and with “influence” that he did not ascribe to other minority communities at the time. It clearly reveals his subconscious conception of Jews. Classic.

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It’s Debate Day

The first head-to-head one-on-one general election debate in British history is set to take place, live from Salford, tonight at 8pm on ITV. Following Jo Swinson’s failed attempt to sue her way onto the stage, Boris will take on Jeremy Corbyn for the first time without a baying House of Commons backing either of the leaders up. ITV’s Julie Etchingham is in the chair, making for a similar set up to the Boris-Hunt debate during the Tory Leadership contest. Will Boris succeed in “peddling optimism” again tonight..?

Boris has had coaching from the same guru who helped prepare him for the EU referendum debate. Last night he took the unusual step of writing to Jezza setting out four questions to answer ahead of tonight. All of them focus on EU issues – expect Boris to bring them up again this evening…

Ten and a half million people watched the first debates in 2010, by 2017 that number fell to four and a half million. Tonight is expected to be higher stakes, and higher viewing figures. YouGov will be on hand with a snap poll soon after the debate is over – so we won’t have long to wait to see what this first big campaign moment could change…

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Corbyn Praises Privatised Italian Railway

It’s rail nationalisation day on Labour’s grid, and to get the train rolling Corbyn put out a shiny video comparing the UK’s rail network to Europe’s; where according to the magic grandpa trains are cheaper, better faster and there’s no gravy train for shareholders.

Undermining Corbyn’s messaging, however, was his use of footage of the super-fast Italian train, Italothe country’s new privately-owned and operated high-speed rail service…

Presumably Corbyn will also be avoiding mentioning UK fares are the second cheapest in Europe when booked in advance and far more frequentFirst class fact-checking…

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Corbyn Refuses Five Times to Say Whether He’s Leave or Remain

Car crash television…

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