Un-Masked Corbyn Attended “Rebellious” Rule Flouting Memorial

Whilst families across the country have been restricted from holding significant funerals and memorial services for loved ones, Jeremy Corbyn flouted the rules once again to attend a ‘memorial carnival’ in Notting Hill eight days ago. The former Labour Leader and apparent lockdown skeptic attended a memorial for socialist academic David Graeber without wearing mask on the afternoon of Sunday 11 October.

Jeremy Corbyn was photographed not wearing a mask at a mass gathering of around 100 people, flouting lockdown limits at a time of soaring Covid cases. The arch-socialist was attending a memorial ceremony for the socialist academic and leading figure in the Occupy Wall Street movement, David Graeber, who died on September 2, 2020. A professor at the LSE, Graeber was a significant figure on the left who inspired the Corbyn outrider class. Novara Media’s Ash Sarkar tweeted in September: “There wouldn’t have been a Novara without David Graeber”…

His ‘memorial carnival’ event was proudly not Covid-compliant. Whilst some attendees were pictured wearing masks, Corbyn was repeatedly pictured without one. One attendee tweeted that the mass gathering was rebellious” in the context of Covid, describing it as:

“A rebellious act of live music that was profound to all who witnessed it after 7 months of Covid crisis. It was a beautiful thing & struck everyone’s souls who was there.”

Corbyn un-masked mixed with strangers as his party leader was preparing to call for a new lockdown. One rule for them…

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A History of Corbyn’s Repeated Covid Restriction-Flouting

Guido would have thought that such a senior politician, septuagenarian, and lockdown enthusiast as the former leader of the Labour Party would have been amongst the most cautious when it came to obeying Government pandemic rules. Yet Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly ignored the rules he supports and expects others to follow…

  • Dinner party for nine in September
  • Meeting with his separate-household-dwelling son in May
  • Meeting with friends to celebrate his 71st birthday, flouting social distancing rules
  • Disregarding NHS advice to work from home in April
  • Passing around his drum when clapping for carers
  • Mixing with a group in Portcullis House in late March

With the number of potential fines Corbyn’s racked up, added together they could fund a decent chunk of furlough…

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Labour Shadow Minister: Corbyn Should Be Fined For Dinner of Nine

Following The Sun’s picture scoop that Jeremy Corbyn attended a party of nine, Labour’s Shadow Education Minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan was quick to say Corbyn should face a fine for breaching the rule of six. Dr Allin-Khan added that Stanley Johnson, who appears mask-less in a shop on the front page of The Mirror this morning, should be fined too. Both will be required to pay £200 under the new tighter rules…

Corbyn tried to explain away his actions, last night telling The Sun that he “the number of guests eventually exceeded five” at a his friend’s house for dinner. Despite the table appearing set for nine. The news comes days after Piers Corbyn was told he would face a £10,000 fine for helping organise an anti-lockdown mass gathering. Runs in the family…

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Furious Corbyn’s Bitter Review of “Left Out”

The Morning Star’s recent Zoom conference on “Labour and the media” gave Corbyn his first opportunity to review arguably the political book of the year: Left Out. Following on from former Shadow Chancellor who denies parts of the book (that were backed up by multiple sources), Corbyn was scathing:

“… those people that are now being paid a great deal to write books analysing the past five years – what do they concentrate on? Who said what to who, who got the coffee for who, where, who paid for the hotel room for x, what happened to y. Tittle tattle, tittle tattle, tittle tattle gossip passing off as political comment, passing off as if it is a serious analysis.”

And who best to lecture on serious analysis? Guido was amazed to see earlier in his interview Corbyn suggested the leaked trade documents he revealed during the 2019 election didn’t come from the Kremlin because “I don’t speak any Russian”

Spies famously only speak one language…

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CCHQ’s Weak Rehashed Major-Era Attack Lines

Guido is not convinced the “Same Old Labour” line being pushed by CCHQ this morning is going to work. With Starmer denouncing and distancing himself from Corbyn and pointing out the party is under “new management” every other soundbite, this will be hard to make stick. Admittedly the Tories have not yet got any Labour policies to get stuck into yet. Starmer knows this and is not likely to give the Tories any red meat until the last possible moment. The usual fiscal prudence attack lines won’t work either with Rishi now running a sky high deficit.

Readers old enough to remember the “New Labour, New Danger” attack line used against Blair, will remember that slogan presaged a Labour landslide. CCHQ is going to have get their thinking caps on and come up with some better attack lines… 

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Corbyn Records Victory Speech for Twitter Poll Win

Jeremy Corbyn’s position as Britain’s leading out-of-touch, hopeless cult leader* was secured today after he took victory in a Twitter poll world cup of ‘Greatest PMs we never had’ so seriously he recorded a victory speech, claiming the win – which only came after a considerable push from Corbynite Twitter accounts to hijack the fun poll – didn’t “give the response that a lot of our media pundits really expected – or possibly the one that they wanted”. It’s truly staggering that after 5 years of leadership, Corbyn still takes social media support on a platform primarily used by young people – and had #KickBorisOut and #VoteTheToriesOut trending on election day – seriously…

*Only just pipping his brother Piers, who was arrested for leading the anti-science, anti-medicine, anti-vaxxer protest at Trafalgar Square at the weekend
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