Church Bans Vicar for 12 Years for “Virulently Antisemitic” Posts Despite Character Reference from Corbyn

As sure as night follows day, the people Jeremy Corbyn choses to associate with are exposed as antisemites. A Church of England vicar, Stephen Sizer, has today been banned from church for 12 years by a tribunal. The tribunal upheld four antisemitism complaints, including one from 2015 in which Sizer claimed Israel was responsible for 9/11. This was the very same claim Corbyn once defended.

At the time, the Mail revealed that Corbyn had sent a letter to church authorities in which he claimed Simon was victimised because he “dared to speak out against Zionism”. Corbyn added that:

“Reverend Stephen Sizer seems to have come under attack by certain individuals intent on discrediting the excellent work that Stephen does in highlighting the injustices of the Palestinian Israeli situation”

Before defending Sizer on the basis that “the internet is a complicated piece of technology”. All in a days’ work for the “lifelong campaigner against racism”…

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Hancock’s Handsome Holiday Pay, Corbyn Goes Cap in Hand and Lee’s Elite Meal Ticket

This week in Westminster has been dominated by accusations of sleaze and scandal and – in unrelated news – the latest update of the Register of Members’ Financial Interests is out. The big winner from this update is Matt Hancock, who’s just declared his £48,000 serialisation fee from the Mail and £320,000 I’m A Celeb holiday pay. That works out to £17,800 for every day he spent away from his constituents…

Jeremy Corbyn is also not doing so badly. The grifting grandpa raked in £78,000 more from his legal fee war chest – funded by the many for the few – as he also took home £50,000 in a donation (again for legal fees) from one Wael Kabbani. After Jez settled his case, an update to his gofundme claimed he was liable for £900,000 in legal fees. He’s currently raised about half of that and, by Guido’s calculations, has declared just over £260,000. With Kabbani’s £50,000 on top, he’s still got a long way to go. It seems Jeremy might have to go Russian cap in hand for a while longer…

If there’s a major upset at the next election, at least Emily Thornberry can rest easy knowing there’s always showbiz to fall back on. Lady Nugee earned £250 from her singsong stint on Matt Forde’s podcast. Man of the people, Lee Anderson is also living up to his salt of the earth credentials. He received a donation of £15,000 from… the Carlton Club. 

Amongst other new declarations that might be of interest:

  • Jess Phillips received £2,700 from her Paper Review slot.
  • Ed “we need greater transparency” Davey raked in £7,500 from Lib Dem donors.
  • Liz Saville Roberts and Chris Stephens brought in a collective £63,000 in union funding for their work as union committee chairs.
  • Anthony Mangnall had a successful fundraising event, raising £8,000.
  • Steve Baker received £10,000 from Neil Record.
  • John Healey got £43,000 in funding to support his work as Shadow Defence Secretary.

Co-conspirators can read the full register here.

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Starmer: Britain Would Have Been Better Had Corbyn Won

Speaking on Call Keir this morning, Starmer chose to defend Jeremy Corbyn and argue the country would have been better off had he won in 2019:

“NF: Would we be in a better place had Britain voted Labour in in 2019?

KS: Yes. We could hardly be in a worse place…”

Would British Jews or besieged Ukrainians agree?

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Jeremy Corbyn and Liz Kendall Clash Over Antisemitism Crisis

There’s still no love lost between Liz Kendall and Jeremy Corbyn. Both appeared on Robert Peston’s ITV show last night, and clearly the wounds of 2019 haven’t yet healed for Liz Kendall, who tore into Corbyn for the scale of Labour’s defeat and his total failure to root out antisemitism within the party. As usual for the absolute boy, he repeatedly claimed the problem had been “grossly exaggerated”  and refused to apologise. “He only has himself to blame”, Kendal seethed…

Kendall then proceeded to list all positive ways Sir Keir has improved Labour since Corbyn left, claiming:

“I am proud that Keir Starmer has taken firm action on this issue since he became leader of the Labour Party, and that he has changed the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn was leader. That he said that we love our country, that we’re proud of our armed forced, we stand up for NATO… people who think that the problem was exaggerated are actually part of the problem themselves…”

Corbyn also vowed to return as the MP for Islington North after the next election – “1000%” chance, apparently. Stone-faced, Kendall replied ,“I might put it down the other end of the scale.” Ouch.

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Jezza Standing in Solidarity With the Labour Party

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and Jeremy Corbyn taking any opportunity to join a picket line. The former Labour leader was spotted today by a co-conspirator outside Great Ormond Street Hospital. Jezza was so keen to stand in solidarity with strikers that he seems to have forgotten he was kicked out of the Labour Party. Wes Streeting was clearly onto something, age isn’t treating poor Jeremy well…

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Corbyn Comrade’s Calamitous Coup D’Etat

June, 2021: Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project hail the victory of Peru’s new hard-left president, Pedro Castillo. His team tweeted, Congratulations to Pedro Castillo on his historic victory in Perú’s elections on a bold programme for jobs, health, and education. We look forward to working together for peace and justice everywhere.” 

The Morning Star compared Corbyn to the South American victor, writing that Peru had been given a choice between “socialism or barbarism”Tribune magazine wrote that Castillo “opens up the possibility of a government of the poor” and gives Peru a chance to “break with its neoliberal history” The hard left was riding high…

Anyway, cut to last night when Pedro Castillo was arrested for violating the constitution by shutting down Congress ahead of an impeachment vote.

In a speech on Wednesday, he declared a state of emergency and announced his intentions to dissolve the parliamen. The country’s vice president said the move was a “coup d’état”. Coming so soon after the hard left’s golden boy in Brazil, Lula, was outed as a Russian apologist, maybe British socialists should keep schtum about South American politics for a while…

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