Mail Rebuffed By Times Columnists

It is a good time to be a Times columnist. Smarting from having Quentin Letts lifted from their pages to be spread across News UK’s titles, Daily Mail editor Geordie Grieg is on the hunt for columnists to fill the inches previously filled by Quentin. He is looking to nab a Times columnist in revenge. Rumour is that Giles Coren has been an object of his attention, as has the well-remunerated Jeremy Clarkson. So far we understand he has been rebuffed…

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Maureen Lipman Invites Corbyn Out for Dinner at Joe Allen’s

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New European Calls Remain-Backing Clarkson a UKIPper


The New European has big feature trailed on their front page today on how Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond “built the Brexit juggernaut” and are are “UKIP on Tour” . There’s only one problem. The ex-Top Gear team backed Remain:

The sacked ex-Mirror columnist Kevin O’Sullivan only mentions this in passing 86 lines after he confidently wrote: “For them, Brexit isn’t a political decision, it’s a way of life.”  Fake news headlines…

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Drone Home

Amazon have unveiled their latest plans for hybrid drones for rapid parcel delivery in a new advert narrated by Jeremy Clarkson. The drones are expected to be capable of flying 15 miles at speeds of over 55mph. Guido has no doubt they will be coming to an Amazon Original TV series near you soon…

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Saudi Soldier Demands to Know Why BBC Sacked Clarkson

The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen is in Saudi Arabia reporting on the latest from the conflict in Yemen. There is however only one question on the lips of Saudi soldiers:

He’s their star in a reasonably priced Eurofighter Typhoon…

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Clarkson Pulls Out of Have I Got News For You


Jimmy Mulville of Hat Trick Productions says:

“On reflection, Jeremy Clarkson has decided not to host Have I Got News For You. We fully expect him to resume his hosting duties later in the year.”


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