Calais Ports Chief: No Deal Scaremongering is ‘La Bulls**t’

Senior French official Jean-Marc Puissesseau has dismissed fears of transport chaos around the Dover-Calais crossing as “C’est la bulls**t”, saying: “Nothing is going to happen the day after Brexit… Britain will be a third country, that’s all, and there is no reason why this should lead to any problems. If both sides do their homework traffic will be completely fluid”. He should know, he’s only the head of the French channel ports…

He adds that while no deal would have been a problem in March “because nobody believed it was going to happen and they were all dragging their feet”, now everyone has an extra seven months is actually getting ready. Including the UK Government, this time…

Puissesseau accuses “certain individuals in the UK” of “whipping up this catastrophism for their own reasons”. Who could possibly want to do that…

Calais Port Chief: Dover Queue Scaremongering “Is Not True”

The President Chairman of the ports of Boulogne-Calais, Jean-Marc Puissesseau has told the Today Programme that “the trucks will be passing as they are doing today” through his port. He confirmed that with customs his port will only be checking for veterinary and sanitary controls, “for which we have already been building infrastructure and parking, but that will not influence the traffic in Dover.”

“We will not control the exports, only asking the papers already, the custom declaration, that’s all! The import, as you won’t control [restrict], there will not be a queue in Dover because there will not be control, so where is the problem?!”

Maybe it’s time that scaremongering Remainers started to listen to the experts…

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