Boris-Juncker Press Conference in Full

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Read in Full: Boris’s New Negotiation Position

Boris has finally presented his detailed proposals to abolish the Backstop in a letter to the EU. The ERG and DUP are behind the proposals, now over to Varadkar…

Read the proposals in full below…

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Read In Full: EU Commission’s Response to Boris

Following Boris’s letter to the EU last night, the EU Commission has written to the Council in response to the points raised by the PM, refusing to budge on the Backstop and rejecting Boris’s accusation that it is not democratic. Shows what passes for ‘democracy’ in the eyes of the EU… 

The letter claims the UK has offered “no realistic alternatives”, but says the Commission is “ready to work constructively within our mandate” and will “analyse any operational UK ideas that are compatible with the existing WA”. Read it in full here:

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Selmayr Waltzes into €17,000-a-Month EU Vienna Job

It’s not just Downing Street where regime change is taking place today, the EU is also in the process of replacing some of its unelected Eurocrats with other unelected Eurocrats. One who’s been a little bit too keen to act like an elected politician is Martin Selmayr, who’s got the chop after his attempts to manipulate the selection of the new EU Commission President backfired. After his scandalous appointment and ignominious downfall, Selmayr will presumably be out on his ear? Don’t be silly, this is the EU…

Instead Selmayr’s managed to waltz straight into another plum EU post as the EU’s Head of Representation in Vienna – it’s a clear demotion but he’ll have a nice €17,000-a-month salary with minimal tax to cushion the blow. He won’t even need to worry about what to do in the meantime, he’s been made temporarily reappointed as a special adviser to Juncker again until his poodle steps down in October. Classic EU rewards for failure, although failed UK appointees are hardly strangers to the revolving door either…

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Juncker: Stupid Nationalists Love Their Own Country

EU Commission President Juncker told CNN yesterday that populists and nationalists are stupid because they love their own country.

“These populists, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own country.” 

Says more about him than populist parties…

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Jean-Claude Juncker Named ‘European Leader of the Year’

Readers will be flabbergasted to learn that the Euronews ‘European Leader of the Year’ Award last night went to… Jean-Claude Juncker. What are the chances?

Guido has compiled the best bits so you can enjoy all the self-congratulatory smugness for yourself. Juncker topped a politically diverse shortlist featuring Michel Barnier and another European Commissioner. The Euronews President is close to tears as he introduces Juncker, he looks less pleased as JC rips EU-funded Euronews to shreds during his speech. Definitely not a “propaganda instrument of the European institutions”…

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