Eco-Terrorists Target ‘At Risk’ Supporters in Coronavirus Fundraiser

Guido readers may remember the name Jay Tiernan, the violently anti-Tory eco-loon behind ‘Stop the Cull’, who last summer were responsible for protests that saw 3,000 chicks die after cutting the birds’ fencing and gas pipes, resulting in hundreds of week-old birds dead or gasping for food or water.

Now Jay’s Stop the Cull is trying to work out how to continue their eco-terrorism amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, with one recent post clarifying they “encourage social distancing AND sett surveying for as long as advice is that going out into the countryside is ok. We would advice people to follow any and all bio security advice given out by the government.” Guido’s pretty sure the Government has not classified Stop the Cull as ‘key workers’…

Tiernan goes on to beg:

On a very morbid but important note, if like some of our older members and those with high blood pressure or diabetes who are in the high risk group and you are in the process of writing your will, please consider the Hunt Saboteurs Association. They have no waged staff and the money they get coming in they hand out to local groups in the form of grants to help them stay on the road.

The future of humanity will hopefully become more compassionate towards animals and each other, but no doubt they’ll always be some people who have a sadistic streak or are prepared to make money from animals, those people shouldn’t be thinking we are going away.

The Countryside Alliance have hit out, telling Guido “It’s appalling that at a time when we need to pull together and support the most vulnerable in society, animal rights extremists see a national crisis as an opportunity to raise money to fund their vicious campaigns. It’s completely unacceptable”

Guido prays that before any elderly badger lover hands money over to Jay, they know of his history of financial fraud, having received an eight-month sentence for defrauding thousands from the Department for Education – a lot of which he confesses was not spent on his activism, but on “rent and living.” Can his supporters be sure how he’ll spend their generous donations?

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Revealed: The Tory-Hating Eco-Terrorist Promoting Kent Chick Murder

In a gruesome example of eco-loons’ policies doing more harm than good, news outlets have been covering the morbid story of a 23-year-old farmer in Kent who woke to find 3,000 dead chicks. A “lowlife scumbag” cut the birds’ fencing and gas pipes to let out the 20,000 birds, resulting in hundreds of week-old birds dead or gasping for food and water. Yet another case of so-called ‘animal lovers’ killing the animals they are claiming to protect…

The man who’s being doing the PR for the killers is convicted fraudster and animal rights extremist Jay Tiernan, who tweeted out a photo taken by one of the ‘activists’ at the crime scene. He also shared an article reporting the deaths while boasting that Stop the Cull” guide to sabbing shoots gets a good mention” while his website hosts a detailed map of all game farms in Britain. It menacingly encourages people to “make their own inspections”…

The eco-terrorist who uses multiple aliases and heads up the Stop the Cull group also features a “cull the Tories” profile picture on one of his other Twitter accounts, a message he’s been championing for over 5 years:

The Countryside Alliance say: “Tiernan and those like him are not driven by love of animals, but hatred of people and politics”. Kent Police are investigating, Tiernan wouldn’t be a bad place for them to start…

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